Translation of silo in Spanish:


silo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪloʊ//ˈsʌɪləʊ/

nounPlural silos

  • 1

    silo masculine
    • Just as I imagined it, with cows everywhere and lots of farms, silos, grain elevators, lakes - the whole nine yards.
    • The banners have been attached to one of the most industrially beautiful buildings in the area, the landmark grain silos, built in 1924 and once the tallest structures in the city.
    • At that time it was a conventional row-crop farm with an unused barn and silos.
    • Walla Walla's main agricultural product used to be collected in the grain silos idling around town; its new mainstay is preserved in bottles, and poured for all comers on almost every corner.
    • It was one of the largest superlocal co-op chains of grain silos in the Midwest and aggressively tried new ventures, from raising hogs to processing soybeans for food.
    • Another plus: the risk analysis database helps managers determine the condition of carryover grain in silos before the new harvest.
    • Dust explosions such as these have occurred in silos where grain is stored.
    • Farmer George has just obtained planning permission to erect a corn silo on the farm and Dan Dill believes that this will spoil his view.
    • There are many public concerns about the safety of food products, from the farm to the silo, from the paddock to the abattoir, and from the food processors to the supermarket and eventually the dinner plate at home.
    • Such owners could be the farms, the silo owners, or other companies storing the goods in their warehouses.
    • Their apparently dull images of grain silos, blast furnaces and water towers are categorised and grouped, forcing us to home in on details of construction.
    • He came up with the idea for converting the grain silo while converting the barn next door to his home in Long Compton.
    • Norwegian farmers played a prominent role in its activities and advocacy, which included such socialist goals as public control and operation of grain silos, and the sale of wheat.
    • He feeds silage when lack of rain reduces pasture potential, ensiling sorghum-Sudangrass, soybeans or pasture clippings in trench silos.
    • Be ready to point out the similarity between a wind tower and existing communications towers, or even grain elevators and silos, he said.
    • The buildings, ranged along a street, are simple stone structures with only one room, but all equipped with silos or dolia (enormous storage jars) partly buried in their floors.
    • They planned ahead and erected grain silos at least in each district to store adequate stocks, in some cases, to last for two farming seasons.
    • At this point the stover part of the plant has good digestibility, and the moisture is usually in the desired range for storage in airtight silos.
    • The reform began as a way to enable large agricultural co-ops to raise funds to build facilities like grain silos.
    • Machine sheds, empty livestock buildings, and silos can all hold grain, provided you do some preparation work.
    • By the 1920s a state-subsidized system of grain elevators, silos, and storage at railheads helped to ease the cycle of glut and scarcity.
    • Many farmers store and ferment these alfalfa clippings in silos.
    • The banks, which provide credit and cash, have been looted, irrigation systems destroyed, road travel restricted, markets closed, warehouses and grain silos pillaged.
    • To the ugly-American eye it looks like a vast and patchy soccer field, bordered by stockyards, grain silos and the clanging docks of Port au Spain.
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    (for missile)
    silo masculine
    • We're located in Tucson AZ, the sweltering armpit of the southwest desert region, surrounded by the empty shafts of defunct cold-war missile silos.
    • A life-sized sculpture of a cruise missile commemorates the base's Cold War role, and the council is also planning to buy the three remaining missile silos from the Ministry of Defence.
    • Henchmen are known as the ‘can do’ guys, the utility workers who have no problem mopping the nuclear missile silo one moment and then getting beaten up by superheroes the next.
    • Initially stored horizontally in above-ground buildings with removable roofs, the missiles later moved to underground horizontal facilities and finally to underground vertical silos.
    • The orbital defence system was in tatters, with barely any working laser cannons and no missile silos left.
    • I lived in Kansas for a time as a child during the 60's where my father worked on the missile silos.
    • The red vertical cylindrical shapes of the missile silos stood silent watch over their companions.
    • The first 10 Minuteman missiles were on combat alert in their underground silos by October 1962.
    • The report comes as the U.S. is preparing to start lowering the first interceptor missiles into newly built silos at Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.
    • The air force is also responsible for the intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed in silos in the western United States.
    • The submarine constitutes a double-hulled configuration with missile silos housed in the inner hull.
    • If this distinction were ever true, it was only in the depths of the Cold War, when the eyes of satellites were to focus on Soviet missile silos.
    • If the Soviets attacked first, then there would be no point in destroying empty missile silos that had already launched; the only thing left to hit would be cities.
    • Because we have seen the pictures, we know there are still 500 missile silos with people sitting in them with their fingers on the button.
    • The nuclear powers have in the years since moved from reliance on manned bombers for nuclear delivery towards greater use of missiles based in silos on land and in submarines at sea.
    • We're sending a spaceship over a the sited missile silos we found from aerial photographs.
    • This system allowed Looking Glass to transmit launch codes to the intercontinental ballistic missiles in their underground silos should ground launch control centers become disabled.
    • Intelligence isn't simply counting missile silos as some might believe.
    • In August 1965, a civilian crew was working underground in the silo of this missile site and a fire erupted, killing 53 workers.
    • Protected in underground silos, the new missiles were ready for immediate launch.