Translation of silt in Spanish:


cieno, n.

Pronunciation /sɪlt//sɪlt/


  • 1

    cieno masculine
    limo masculine
    légamo masculine
    • Tidal processes constantly winnow the substrate surface in the submerged mouthbar front, and resuspend mud and silt into the water.
    • Excavations in 1990 added weight to the idea that the horse dates from later prehistory as deposits of fine silt in the beak were scientifically dated to the early first millennium BC.
    • They carry silt which replenishes the topsoil and enables agriculture to flourish.
    • Water continuing out over the playa surface carries with it a quantity of fine sand, silt, and clay in suspension.
    • However, in addition to that alluvium much of central Belfast is underlain instead by a deposit of soft grey mud, silt and fine sand with numerous sea shells, in particular oysters.