Translation of silver plate in Spanish:

silver plate

plateado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪlvər pleɪt///


  • 1

    plateado masculine
    • They carry a jug and bowl of silver plate, luxury objects of great costliness in ancient Rome, either as a gift for Agrippa or perhaps, as Ebers suggests, to pour a libation before him as if he were a god.
    • For unclear reasons there was neither motivation by American flatware manufacturers to transfer the style from silver plate into stainless steel nor demand by consumers for them to do so.
    • For example, the thickness of the silver plate that is deposited electrochemically on a spoon is greater if the electrical current is allowed to flow longer.
    • The Christogram also appears on items of silver plate, spoons being particularly graced with such symbols, a fact that has been interpreted as evidence of widespread baptism among the upper classes.
    • At the top of the stairs rested her throne, wrought of the finest ivory and decorated with gold and silver plate.
  • 2

    objetos plateados o con baño de plata
    • Cahill's 20-year criminal career is believed to have netted him more than €40m, and Gardai believe some gold bullion and silver plate still lies buried in the Dublin mountains.
    • Millions of pounds worth of gold and silver plate was lost.
    • The finds from the Shaft Graves at Mycenae contained massive quantities of gold and silver plate, including the gold death mask of Agamemnon.
    • He photographed the silver plate, pulled his hands away and put it back in the safe.
    • The restoration work on the castle is progressing and he is now calling on her to return the silver plate to its rightful home.
    • His men entered dwellings, taking everything of value that could be moved, such as silver plate and jewelry.
    • It also means having to repress the vision of oneself staring back that appears in the mirrored surface of the silver plate.
    • At this point, he traded with local Inuit for officers' silver plate, the treasured medal making Franklin a Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, and other relics.
    • Valuable furnishings, books, pictures, silver plate, rare china were destroyed in the blaze.

transitive verb

  • 1

    dar(le) un baño de plata a