Translation of silver surfer in Spanish:

silver surfer

internauta maduro, n.



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    internauta maduro feminine
    surfeador maduro masculine
    surfeadora madura feminine
    • Conversely he is very careful where he goes and what he does online, as is the way perhaps of silver surfers.
    • Thank you for your newsletter, as it helps a ' silver surfer ' like me to get by with the day-to-day computing tasks.
    • He is one of the silver surfers taking part in a new computer course at Margaret Ward Court on Wellfield Street.
    • This rise in silver surfers mirrors a similar increase in the UK.
    • Despite the emergence of silver surfers - pensioners who spend time online - there are still two in every five households which do not have the internet.
    • The internet is now dominated by silver surfers who spend more time online than any other group, according to a comprehensive study by the communications watchdog.
    • Heather Hopkins, of Hitwise, said: "It's phenomenal how quickly silver surfers have increased in numbers."
    • From offensive road signs to bad jokes about silver surfers, age discrimination is one of the besetting problems of our times
    • The current generation of "silver surfers" spends an average of six hours online each week, research by the insurance company AXA found.
    • Another 19 percent are what he called "silver surfers," elderly passengers who want to visit family and friends and often travel during nonpeak periods.
    • Now a confirmed silver surfer, Mr Leng admitted he does sometimes have trouble with attachments.
    • His efforts are the result of close co-operation with a trio of silver surfers who read each chapter as it was written to see if they could keep up.
    • We don't like being portrayed officially as dodderers with sticks and bent backs who are a menace on the roads and we object to patronising jokes about silver surfers.
    • Could this silver surfer of the cyberspaceways be an RSS man-mountain?
    • Grandmother Margaret Haugh has become a "silver surfer" - to watch a yacht sail the wrong way around the world.
    • They tend to outnumber the ' silver surfers ' by quite a lot.
    • I hope this may encourage any other "silver surfers" to experiment.
    • It has also attracted a number of "silver surfers" - people over the age of 50 developing new skills by learning online.
    • Grey-haired internet users - known as silver surfers - will become the dominant group using the worldwide web by the end of the year, according to online analysts Hitwise.
    • Search engines, shopping and pornography are the three most common websites that are visited by silver surfers.