Translation of simile in Spanish:


símil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪmɪli//ˈsɪməli/


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    símil masculine
    • By using irony, similes, and symbols, to name a few, Crane ‘paints’ a vivid picture of what life was like for the fragile Henry Fleming.
    • And he didn't apologize, it wasn't beautiful language, it wasn't all metaphors and similes and onomatopoeia, and it wasn't, you know, packed with symbolism that you had to analyze.
    • It is told in the high formal style, filled with rhetorical speeches, invocations, elaborate similes, and long ‘catalogues’ of names, places, and armies.
    • We would run through the text looking for Australian spelling, any Australian slang and sayings, and other ‘Australianisms’ including Australian-specific metaphors or similes.
    • But the greatest fun of the book comes from the rhyming sentences that bear many vivid metaphors, similes and puns.