Translation of simplicity in Spanish:


simplicidad, n.

Pronunciation /sɪmˈplɪsɪti//sɪmˈplɪsədi/


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    • 1.1(easiness)

      simplicidad feminine
      sencillez feminine
      • Surely, the other argument is that due to their simplicity, blogs are easier to customise and fit in with complex designs.
      • For the sake of simplicity, criminals can be broken down into two categories here.
      • For purposes of simplicity and coherence, we tell this story as a chronological account constructed in terms of our toolkit ideas.
      • By sacrificing simplicity and clarity they can avoid responsibility and accountability.
      • This is a delightful and human film, one that uses its simplicity to cut straight to the heart.
      • Clarity, simplicity and effective communication are among the key qualities of his theory.
      • Its very simplicity and directness has always made Islam a religion with great appeal.
      • The joy of opposition is its simplicity; Ukrainians understood what we opposed and stood side by side with us.
      • Clarity, simplicity, honesty and trust are at the heart of what the business is going to be about.
      • Part, but by no means all, of the attractiveness of the assimilationist ideal is its clarity and simplicity.
      • The effects at the population level, for the sake of simplicity, are assessed in arthropods.
      • Aim for clarity and simplicity when writing the final version.
      • They hunger for the riches of our faith presented with directness, simplicity, and truth.
      • The shortest of the books under review, it has the merits of concision, clarity, and simplicity.
      • Let's pretend, for the sake of simplicity, that you only have two items in your portfolio.
      • There was a reason for this, and the reason was simplicity and accessibility.
      • Like all absolutist dogmas, this combination of axiom and corollaries appeals in its simplicity and directness.
      • That's an unending quest - to understand how the simplicity led to complexity.
      • Their high energy and simplicity make them easy to absorb and enjoy, but also bring them to the brink of monotony.
      • For simplicity's sake we could divide gun owners into two camps.

    • 1.2(plainness)

      simplicidad feminine
      sencillez feminine
      • The current design stresses speed and simplicity but it's become very cluttered over the years.
      • The design was created for simplicity and ruggedness and the main structure was all metal.
      • The sheer simplicity of this pair of sandals underscores the simplicity of the entire line.
      • Google understands that simplicity is both sacred and central to its competitive advantage.
      • The store has an overriding accent on simplicity of design and ease of shopping for the customers.
      • Elegant simplicity in design and in the final product is what counts here.
      • That's why in today's modern interior design, simplicity is the key to an efficient design.
      • As with other fashion accessories, opt for simplicity when selecting your winter hat.
      • The simplicity of her designs here, the aura of unforced beauty truly took them to the next level.
      • We've tried to keep to some of the basic color scheme and, I hope, the relative simplicity of the design.
      • On a micro level, simplicity in design presents the audience with only the most relevant information.
      • I snapped a few images of Evan's crib because his parents marveled at its simplicity and design.
      • Refinement and sensibility as well as simplicity are still the best standards of web design!
      • The judging panel was very impressed by the overall layout and simplicity of the design of their advert.
      • I do love Ransom's drawings, for their simplicity of line and the purity of their excitement.
      • They range from lovely, understated elegance and simplicity to wild extravagance.
      • The obtained data are particularly convincing by virtue of the bioscope's simplicity in design.
      • The simplicity of the design allows for quick and easy set up anywhere around town where concrete exists.
      • There is no extraneous body cladding, in keeping with the Swedish design ethos of simplicity.
      • The final design emphasizes its simplicity, heavily relying on upstage lighting technique and set movement.

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    ingenuidad feminine
    simpleza feminine