Translation of simplistic in Spanish:


simplista, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪmˈplɪstɪk//sɪmˈplɪstɪk/


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    • It was lame, it was dumb, and it was simplistic, but we loved it if only because it was something that we were doing with a friend.
    • Thus, in the same week, he can offer two stunningly simplistic views of social complexity.
    • That is not a threat; it is the reality of treating a complex issue in a very simplistic way.
    • The research is an attempt to move away from simplistic polarisation and address the more complex issues.
    • It raises these issues in a dramatic and involving way without ever becoming simplistic and is well worth seeing.
    • I know that sounds simplistic, but it's hard to describe in more complex terms!
    • For, even by his simplistic hypothesis, it is difficult to tell in which half Floyd lies.
    • He treated us as children, he told us a simplistic fairy story laced with cheap flattery.
    • I know that naive and simplistic but I just feel that while these trees and plants are nice they are out of context.
    • Yet it would appear even that even this explanation is too simplistic.
    • I know it is simplistic, but I wish everyone, everywhere, could live harmoniously.
    • It is simplistic to treat strategic choice just as the logical comparison of strategic options.
    • Drug misuse is too complex a problem to be solved with a simplistic, zero tolerance approach.
    • Quantum mechanics contradicts the notion of real only if one takes a naive, simplistic view of reality.
    • It's an overly simplistic label, one that has stopped us wanting to open up her box and see what's really inside.
    • He believes that this simplistic art form came into being only to develop the aesthetic sense.
    • Admittedly, this is a simplistic analogy, but it captures the essence of the issue.
    • This is probably a simplistic take on the importance of the issue by both parties.
    • There is a lot of paradoxes, and a simplistic judgment can be very badly wrong.
    • Perhaps I am being a tad simplistic here, obviously there's the issue of passive smoking.