Translation of sin in Spanish:


pecado, n.

Pronunciation /sɪn//sɪn/


  • 1

    pecado masculine
    mortal/venial sin pecado mortal/venial
    • the seven deadly sins los siete pecados capitales
    • it's a sin to waste food es un crimen / un pecado tirar la comida
    • for my sins para mi castigo
    • to live in sin vivir en concubinato
    • to be as miserable as sin ser un/una cascarrabias
    • to be as ugly as sin ser más feo que pegarle a Dios / que Picio
    • We now live in, and scientists study, a creation damaged by human sin and divine judgment.
    • We have repented for the unbelief and our sins are blotted out.
    • As expected, there is a transferral of hatred from the sin to the sinner.
    • The Israelites followed this pattern by presenting sin offerings to cover their sins by sacrificing an animal life for their disobedience to God.
    • Part of the transgression of a sin is using something holy for an unholy purpose.
    • People thought he was blasphemous because he forgave sins.
    • The divine strategy for defeating sin, evil and death is fulfilled in suffering love.
    • Likewise for some Christian thinkers today, greed can mask an even greater sin; the sin of idolatry.
    • This entails, I believe, the more radical conclusion that hell can no longer be conceived of as a punishment for human sins by God.
    • He would not like to catch hold of and put to death some other innocent person to redeem this sinner from his sins.
    • The transcriptions themselves reveal people who claim Jesus as their Savior who redeems them from Satan and the sin of the world they know.
    • Isaiah assures us that God ‘blots out’ our transgressions and forgets our sin.
    • For Luther, the rest of the commandments function both to show us God's will for our lives and actions and to show us that we are sinners whose sins violate God's call to love.
    • The sages say that this sin, the rejection of the Land of Israel, was in some ways more grievous than the sin of worshipping the Golden Calf.
    • In this way they make Christ not only useless to us but also a judge and a tyrant who is angry because of our sins and who damns sinners.
    • Cole fears that his supernatural abilities themselves are a sin, and Malcolm's sin is the classic sin of unbelief.
    • Why not go to Christ this very day, and cast your soul on him, with all its sins and all its unbelief, with all its doubts and all its fears?
    • It tells people to ‘hate the sin but love the sinner’, knowing full well that this flies in the face of human nature.
    • Of all the sins of Jerusalem, these two were singled out by God as the most severe.
    • He promised a saviour who would carry the sin, selfishness, unbelief, disease, grief, sorrow and fear of death on Himself and Destroy that fear, for Good.

intransitive verb

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    to sin against sth/sb pecar contra algo/algn
    • more sinned against than sinning más bien el ofendido que el ofensor