Translation of sinful in Spanish:


pecador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnfəl//ˈsɪnfʊl//ˈsɪnf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) pecador
    (act) pecaminoso
    • Or it may come as we face the battle against fallen, sinful desires within our own hearts.
    • It is the difference between the authority of the inspired, inerrant Word of God and that of unbelieving, sinful man.
    • The Talmud thus teaches us that corruption is not only wrong and sinful, but actually unnatural.
    • We are dealing not with angelic beings but with fallen, sinful human nature.
    • The scale indicates the degree to which respondents feel that the world and the people in it are evil or sinful.
    • Faraday had been brought up to believe that people, though capable of many good things, are basically corrupt and sinful.
    • The City of Man is a world of profound imperfection, peopled by fallen, sinful beings who can only hope for ultimate citizenship in the City of God through an earthly life of piety.
    • Whenever God manifests himself to sinful man through the Holy Spirit, it means condemnation for the flesh.
    • Because of the corruption of human reason, which took place in the Fall, humanity has a tendency, not merely to err, but to make wicked, sinful choices.
    • Instead of the hymns of the Vedas to Brahma, embrace the righteous conduct of Dharma, and renounce sinful actions.
    • Certainly, the real reason man lives wickedly or violently is his corrupt sinful nature.
    • Do not quench it by foolish unbelief and sinful defiance of our loving Saviour.
    • Their views are the result of a fallen and sinful human nature, of rampant egotism and arrogance, and nothing more.
    • Galatians 6:7-8 tells us that in time we shall reap corruption from our sinful habits.
    • Leading another person into a sinful action is wrong and also sinful.
    • Once Adam disobeyed God, however, we became a fallen and sinful race living in a cursed world.
    • I am not saying we are more sinful or more evil than previous generations, but that we are more modern.
    • But we live in a fallen, sinful world in which sin invades family units as it does all other aspects of society.
    • We may believe that His saving work is so effective that there is no sin that cannot be forgiven and no sinner too sinful to be cleansed.
    • Thus Ash Wednesday helps worshiping believers confront our sinful nature as we recall our mortality.