Translation of singe in Spanish:


chamuscar, v.

Pronunciation /sɪn(d)ʒ//sɪndʒ/

transitive verbsingeing, singed, singes

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    (cloth/garment) chamuscar
    (cloth/garment) quemar
    to singe one's beard/eyebrows chamuscarse / quemarse la barba/las cejas
    • After making sure none of my limbs were singed or charred, I decided it was time to make a simple request.
    • Try not to set your sheets on fire or singe your eyebrows.
    • Mitchum barely noticed until his fingers were singed.
    • Anyone who has ever singed their eyebrows lighting a gas fire could have predicted that trouble lay ahead.
    • Stand back when you light it or you'll have singed eyebrows.
    • Adam's face was black with soot; his clothes were singed from the intense heat; and the fire had burned a hole through his right pant leg, revealing a red patch of skin.
    • The fire also singed a turret of Holy Trinity Cathedral on Hart Street.
    • The fire fills the hut, the heat scorches him, singes the fur and cracks the skin of his face.
    • My own eyebrows were singed, my face and hands burning.
    • Perhaps Hervey was waving a cigarette around and Ronaldo backed off to keep from singeing his head.
    • The fire singed the edge of Will's cape.
    • The griffin's feathers and fur were singed and much of his tail was black.
    • I wasn't burned, but the gently flowing grass was definitely singed from the fire.
    • While it was grinding it smelt like the grinder's motor had burnt out, all singed rubber and smoking grease.
    • There are no dramatics, no singed eyebrows, no binned masterpieces.
    • ‘The inside wall was slightly singed but the fire brigade said I had been minutes away from losing the entire flat,’ he said.
    • Olivia let the cigarette burn down and singe her finger slightly.
    • The phone, a Nokia 3310, practically disintegrated, singeing his palm.
    • He squirted butane onto the fire from a little can that he used to fill his Zippo and the flames shot up, singeing his brow.
    • He then used an aerosol as a flame thrower, singeing the back of the victim's head.

nounPlural singes

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    (superficial) quemadura feminine