Translation of single in Spanish:


individual, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈsɪŋɡ(ə)l//ˈsɪŋɡəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for one person)

      (room) individual
      (sheet/bed) individual
      (sheet/bed) de una plaza Latin America
      a single portion (of food) una ración / porción individual
      • Finally they find a dodgy motel that has some space, but the proprietor tells them the only room left contains one single bed.
      • The cost is 365 and their will be an extra supplement for anyone requesting a single room.
      • I even customised my single bed to create a studio-like setting in my room for rehearsals.
      • Some colleges are building residence halls with an emphasis on private, single rooms.
      • Cell-like, there is just room for a single bed, a desk and a chest of drawers.
      • I had been in a single bed and then had to share a double with two sisters.
      • Unfortunately, if a dorm room is not available during your stay, you have to fork over extra cash for a single room.
      • In the end we called in on a friend of mine, crashed on a single bed in the spare room.
      • To the right of the entrance to the shelter is a single metal framed bed.
      • The majority of the rooms available in Manor Village are single en-suite rooms and the most there would be is two to a room.
      • The room is quite large, with four lonely single beds, a sterile ensuite shower and separate toilet.
      • The new facility, which will be sited either on the same site or beside the Great Western Hospital, would have single rooms.
      • In October, single rooms will go up to 330 but there will be no further increase for double rooms until next year.
      • Tracey has had to move into her three-year-old daughter, Sophie's, room and share her single bed.
      • Once his immune system had built up, he was transferred to a single room and slowly weaned off the drugs keeping him alive.
      • One of the bedrooms was unveiled yesterday and contains only single beds.
      • This means dismantling the single bed, the better to fill the space with puppy pens.
      • He said that a single room was not available until the night before Mrs Stockdale's death, and she was then moved.
      • However, more single people could mean a demand for more single rooms.
      • Residents live in shared or single rooms, with male and female residents in separate sections of the home.

    • 1.2(not double)

      (engine/lens/line) solo
      (flower/tulip) simple
      in single file en fila india / de a uno
      • single figures cifras de un solo dígito
      • Flower form can be single, semi-double, or fully double blooms that look similar to miniature roses.

    • 1.3British Transport

      de ida
      • First of all, it's the prices: £55.00 for a single ticket from Manchester to Norwich.
      • Trouble is, single tickets are going up to £2.
      • In the grand old days of British Rail, a single train ticket was at least the same price as a return, often more, which was silly.
      • I was reduced to spelling out each letter of the name while the clerk typed them into his console, which soon issued a single ticket.
      • The £11 cash value of a single ticket was then removed, and the money was amassed over a long period of time.

  • 2

    I'm single soy soltero
    • to remain single quedarse soltero
    • the single life la vida de soltero/soltera
  • 3

    (just one)
    a single issue dominated the talks un solo / único tema dominó las conversaciones
    • will it fit on a single page? ¿cabrá en una (sola) página?
    • it's the single most important issue es el tema más importante / de mayor importancia
    • the largest single shareholder el mayor accionista individual
    • every single day todos los días sin excepción
    • every single copy of the book was destroyed se destruyeron absolutamente todos los ejemplares del libro
    • you disagree with every single thing I say todo lo que digo / cada cosa que digo te parece mal
    • with negative not a single house was left standing no quedó ni una sola casa en pie
    • there's not a single thing I like no hay nada que me guste
    • I haven't found a single mistake no he encontrado ni un solo error


  • 1

    Music Audio
    single masculine
    sencillo masculine
    disco sencillo masculine
    a 7-inch/12-inch single un single/maxi-single
  • 2British

    boleto de ida masculine
    billete de ida masculine Spain
  • 3

    habitación individual feminine
    habitación sencilla feminine
    individual masculine
    sencilla feminine
  • 4

    (unmarried person) soltero masculine
    (unmarried person) soltera feminine

    persona sin pareja estable

  • 5

    (in baseball)
    sencillo masculine
  • 6

    (in cricket)
    tanto masculine
    see also singles
  • 7US

    (dollar bill)
    billete de un dólar masculine