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    Audio Music
    single masculine
    sencillo masculine
    disco sencillo masculine
    a 7-inch/12-inch single un single/maxi-single
    • There may be thousands of vinyl singles and long-playing albums stacked on shelves in the radio's library - but the days of loading vinyl on to a turntable are long gone.
    • I've already been rather self-indulgent and included not one but two of his singles in my earlier listing, but that's not going to put me off telling you more about this album.
    • We don't write songs as singles, and both this album and the next one will just be a collection of songs.
    • But then according to Alanis herself, this album wasn't merely about creating a singles collection, but rather an album of personal favourites and rarer material.
    • I Wanna Hold Your Hand became their fastest selling single - one million copies were sold in the first three weeks.
    • I'm coming round to the skittering drumming on that new single.
    • Earlier this year they signed a deal with AmbientLive Records in the UK to release two singles and an album.
    • However, last year he wrote a massive UK hit single, which went on to sell very well internationally.
    • In the meantime, we must make do with his second indie single, the rather wonderful If You Want.
    • But his family have paid for him to spend four days in a professional studio later this year and he intends to record a single.
    • ‘In The Army Now’ leads to another world tour and more hit singles.
    • When a single from that first record, Arab Boy, became a hit in Iceland, Björk was teased for being different.
    • His band's debut single entered the charts this week and music experts are tipping it for the number one spot.
    • In the record industry, you are only as good as your last hit single.
    • It wasn't even an album, rather a compilation of singles put together by some Brits in the '70s.
    • The greatest hits is still on sale and another box set - singles from 1980 to 1982 - is out at the end of the month.
    • Chris tells me that he's been working hard on recording the single during recent weeks and is very happy with the end result.
    • She has already notched up three top 10 singles and is currently recording her second album in London.
    • The Doves it seems live are more of a singles rather than album band.
    • Fame is winning a televised talent show with a song, and then releasing a couple of singles and an album or two.
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    • 2.1British (ticket)

      boleto de ida masculine
      billete de ida masculine Spain
      • I could have bought a single on the train.

    • 2.2(room)

      habitación individual feminine
      habitación sencilla feminine
      individual feminine
      sencilla feminine
      • It is sold in singles for $5.95, with complete instructions to make the style of tassel shown here.
      • The end result is a photography of mythical proportions that is camouflaged in paint and operates in singles rather than multiples.

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    (unmarried person) soltero masculine
    (unmarried person) soltera feminine
    (unattached adult) persona sin pareja estable
    • I mentally sorted the new arrivals into couples, singles, and potential ‘temporary singles.’
    • Few and far between were the desperate, overeager chat-up lines of some relationship-hungry singles.
    • I myself ran a popular singles group for a couple of years once so I recognize the behaviour of which he speaks.
    • Tad has no girlfriend and not a prospect in sight - the most recent woman he dated dumped him because she felt he was too involved in the singles scene.
    • Both developments were designed for singles or couples.
    • He has publish Ebooks and articles on psychology, singles, relationships and Popular Culture.
    • Bruce believes the business is successful because of the growing number of professional couples, families and young singles who do not have time for DIY.
    • It is not filled with floating singles looking to be picked up, but rather one gets the impression that everybody knows everybody else there.
    • Two-thirds of us brush before bed, while twice as many divorced people than singles consider clean teeth a key decider on whether someone is attractive or not.
    • But she spends a lot of time e-mailing and texting to pair up Jewish singles like Devorah and Jake.
    • The grandmother was definitely not looking for love in the aisles of Asda's West Swindon branch during the store's singles night.
    • It was once known for being a popular haunt of singles but in recent times it has become a sought after resort for families.
    • Many readers probably heard this speech from Mom or Dad before they took off for a singles condo with its own yoga room and EST support group.
    • However, Scripture also affirms to singles, couples and the parents of future single adults that being single can be just as honourable, and frequently preferable.
    • Finding a mate might be easier, but moving to a committed relationship is less likely, those roaming free in the singles world say.
    • The UK's singles want relationships that don't involve their partners actually moving in, a new BBC survey has revealed.
    • They believe that the advent of online match-making, lonely heart adverts and singles' events are little more than a cynical ploy by the dating industry to get people to spend cash.
    • But this book may be especially valuable for singles - particularly self-loathing singles.
    • All the profiles are from real singles seeking sincere relationships and will always remain that way.
    • That explains why Dove, when interviewing marriageable singles, always tries to discover how far they are prepared to assume the traditional family roles.
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    • 4.1Sport
      (in baseball)

      sencillo masculine
      • He gave up a pair of singles to Hank Blalock and Michael Young leading off the inning before he was relieved by Troy Percival.
      • Granted, groundball pitchers tend to give up more hits than flyball pitchers, but the extra hits generally go for singles rather than homers.
      • The Yanks elected to intentionally walk Hunter, and a Koskie single loaded the bases.
      • The next batter hits a line-drive single to right past an outstretched second baseman.
      • This is a game that you'll win by hitting lots of singles and doubles rather than home runs.

    • 4.2Sport
      (in cricket)

      tanto masculine
      see also singles
      • Needing to win the second set to reach the final, the York pair were rocked as the Erewash pair notched three successive singles to lead 3-1.
      • Laker and Bailey started towards the ball, hesitated, and the batsmen scrambled a single.
      • The pair managed three singles before the last wicket fell to leave Morecambe beaten.
      • He got there by guiding the 131st ball he faced, from Irfan Pathan, to square leg for a single.
      • He provided his usual limpet-like support for Lara, working the singles, and being content to feed the strike, as they added 169 in just over 30 overs.

  • 5US

    (dollar bill)
    billete de un dólar masculine
    • Do you have any singles?