Translation of singleton in Spanish:


semifallo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪŋɡəlt(ə)n//ˈsɪŋɡ(ə)lt(ə)n/


  • 1

    (in bridge)
    semifallo masculine
    singleton masculine
    • If you have a singleton or void suit, you take a big risk that the declarer will find lots of cards of this suit in the talon when he exchanges, and your partner's stop in the suit might not be enough to beat the contract.
    • This card may be either a singleton or a top card or subsequently revealed card in a stack.
  • 2informal

    (unmarried person)
    soltero masculine
    soltera feminine
    • Most of the singletons I know in LA confirm that relationships last about three months, just about a TV season.
    • To her credit, Mehta did a crack job depicting the occasionally colourless quality of life as an ageing singleton.
    • Another stumbling block for singletons to consider is the mortgage market.
    • Instead, the writers present new twists on parenting with liberal doses of wry humor that even singletons will enjoy.
    • So come on you singletons, bite the bullet and get flirting!
    • The play is set up to be a microcosm of relationships; a mirror in which those in love can see themselves and those singletons out there can indulge their yearnings for romance.
    • And now we have unhappy married women who, despite what all singletons would think, are equally stressed to death from trying to have the marriage, the children and the great job.
    • But for single women, especially singletons of a certain age, time is marching on.
    • In the film, Smith plays a New York date doctor who helps lonely singletons find love and romance.
    • Calling all desperate, lonely singletons - this is the biggest news of the year for you lot.
    • The sample included people in both long and short relationships as well as singletons.
    • Of course for some there is a happy ending, and the office singletons have to narrow their search.
    • As the unattached singleton with married mates there is a tendency to lament the demise of your once action-packed social life.
    • And 1.95 million single women live in New York City - the Mecca of singletons - alone.
    • Both singletons and those in a relationship are more independent than ever before.
    • At tonight's game there don't seem to be any singletons on the prowl, but there are three couples on the ice.
    • Her job is so much fun, she said, and time-consuming, too, that she has postponed ending her days as a singleton, also fodder for the cynicism and suspicion of others.
    • This totally non-profit venture will bring singletons together for a night of frivolity.
    • Despite being a happily married woman she has the fridge of a singleton.
    • For the first time ever, the carefree singleton is halted in their tracks and becomes yet another addition to the truly miserable list.