Translation of sinner in Spanish:


pecador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnər//ˈsɪnə/


  • 1

    pecador masculine
    pecadora feminine
    • The third aspect of our baptismal identity as God's new creation involves learning to be a sinner.
    • I may be a sinner, but the sinner whom these prayers were describing was not me.
    • Everyone is a sinner and God will of course forgive those who truly repent.
    • The suffering and death of Jesus Christ were an essential part of God's plan to save sinners.
    • If you don't turn to your life over to God he can't hear the prayer of a sinner.
    • Is showing love, or even friendship, with the sinner a sign of condoning the sin?
    • God is so big and so pure that mortal sinners dare not to approach Him upon pain of death.
    • We must preach to sinners the good news of salvation through the grace of a sovereign God.
    • Today we are attempting to make the Gospel a means of bringing sinners into God's holy Presence.
    • I am still a sinner, but I can say with assurance that I am a sinner saved by God's grace.
    • I am here as the chief of sinners saved by grace and to tell you that the grace which has saved me can surely save you.
    • Repentant sinners may do more for God's glory than some of those who judge them harshly.
    • He helped me to see that I was a sinner who needed the saving grace of Almighty God.
    • Dear God, I acknowledge I am a sinner and because I am a sinner I know through your word that I am alienated from you.
    • He invites us not because we are righteous but because we are sinners who need His salvation.
    • Jesus reaffirms his unwavering confidence in the Father, even as he bears the Father's wrath in the place of sinners.
    • There are feelings of concern for lost sinners who are without God and without hope.
    • Only Christ crucified and risen can save sinners separated from God.
    • A baptism of repentance is appropriate for sinners, but not for Jesus.
    • Paul stresses that the primary purpose why Jesus came into the world was to save sinners.