Translation of sirloin in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsərlɔɪn//ˈsəːlɔɪn/


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    preciado corte de carne vacuna del cuarto trasero
    chopped sirloin carne molida feminine
    • At celebratory meals, Nicaraguans eat steak, either grilled steak called bistec a la parrilla, or grilled sirloin known as lomo.
    • The underwear designer with the hearty appetite ordered the 10 oz prime sirloin steak garnished with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
    • You cannot eat sirloin steak with potatoes and ice cream as dessert every night and expect that you will look good; it is just not going to happen.
    • Beef is perfect for broiling, especially tender cuts like rib eye and sirloin.
    • The meat, sirloin steak, was much better than the last time.
    • A bowl of white rice and a small serving of fish soup with seaweed follow, just in time to accompany the main dish, be it sirloin or tenderloin steak, mutton, chicken or cod.
    • Michael sat across the table from Rodhart, watching the latter having supper that consisted of sirloin steak, and baked beans, and a glass of red wine.
    • For main course, Karin had selected sirloin steak with black pepper sauce.
    • Beef often gets denounced for contributing to health problems, but much of this risk can be minimized by choosing such cuts as top sirloin and filet mignon.
    • My sirloin weighed in at 12 oz of prime tender meat with not a trace of fat.
    • I took her to the grill house and ordered two large sirloin steaks.
    • Beef sirloin is simply rubbed with garlic salt and pepper and grilled to medium-rare over red-oak coals.
    • I had a great New York cut sirloin steak, which the waiter recommended, and opted to make it ‘surf and turf’ by added several king prawns to it.
    • Calorie for calorie, spinach has 14 times more iron than sirloin steak.
    • The heavy eaters ate the equivalent of five quarter-pound burgers or one nine-ounce sirloin or round steak a week.
    • The platters were heaped with beef fillet, sirloin, rump and kidneys as well as chicken, lamb and pork.
    • Madame Noire had the chargrilled sirloin steak, which came with fried onions and a spicy peppercorn sauce.
    • On the menu, panini, fajitas and nachos sit alongside Thai fish cakes, sirloin steaks and daily specials using local, seasonal produce whenever possible.
    • The Scottish sirloin is marinaded in orange, lime, oregano and chillies and then pan-fried.
    • For his next trick, he cranked up the heat and put on skewers of sirloin beef fillet and halloumi cheese.