Translation of sisal in Spanish:


henequén, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪzəl//ˈsʌɪs(ə)l//ˈsaɪsəl/


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    (plant) henequén masculine
    (plant) (with masculine article in the singular) agave sisalana feminine
    (fiber) sisal masculine
    (fiber) pita feminine
    (fiber) cabuya feminine Colombia
    • He had noticed that the thick sisal rope had been cut halfway through with a sharp instrument, probably a knife.
    • He started a carpet factory to weave sisal thread into products that could be sold in global markets.
    • Products made out of biodegradable materials like sisal and areca spathes were also on show at the Town Hall.
    • The floor could be cool polished or varnished wood, with natural fibre rugs or coverings in seagrass, sisal or coir to give warmth.
    • Sharply declining world prices for sisal exports delayed or aborted several projects.
    • Other products used are sisal and ficus leaves, as well as discarded cotton, usually from worn cotton sheets from hospitals.
    • Some commercial agricultural products, such as sisal, coffee, and cotton, are sold.
    • In cultural dances, performers may put on feathered hats and skirts made of sisal strands.
    • The delicate fabrics contrast with the coarsely woven sisal rug in the living room.
    • The area is so dry that the only crop that grows easily there is a cactus-like plant called sisal, whose fibers can make rope or thread.
    • From 1890, he spent seven years unsuccessfully running his father's sisal plantation in the Bahamas.
    • He was educated at Rugby School and after this, he managed his father's sisal plantation in the Bahamas for seven years.
    • American companies little by little took control of the Mexican supply, making sisal twine cheaper and more reliable than it had been.
    • Commercial farming of cotton, pineapples, and sisal has had little success.
    • His account of migrant workers' lives on colonial sisal plantations is particularly interesting.
    • A hot, wet coastal plain rises through thick forest and areas planted with sisal to a warm plateau.
    • She had hung a pair of sunglasses around her neck on a gold chain, and carried an enormous sisal handbag.
    • Homegrown sisal fiber rather than coconut fiber is used in the production of our full range of vehicles for the domestic and export markets.
    • If you get a scratching post or even better a cat condo that usually have both wood and wood covered with sisal and carpet, the likelihood that the cat would find a surface to use is very good.
    • A 6 x 7 wire line was six strands of seven wires each, closed in a spiral direction around a fiber core, usually Manila or sisal.
    • Born at Kitwe, he worked on a sisal plantation and rose to become a financial manager.
    • Painted in shades of brown and gold, and heavily outlined in black, each twist of sisal may be read as a discrete unit.
    • We have a nice couch (not leather but an expensive material) with a homemade sisal scratching post just off the most tempting corner.
    • Originally hammocks were made from the bark of the hamack tree, later from the sisal plant whose fibres could be softened and woven.
    • Many were recruited to the armed forces, or conscripted to labour on sisal and rubber plantations.