Translation of sisterhood in Spanish:


asociación de mujeres, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪstəhʊd//ˈsɪstərˌhʊd/


  • 1

    (association of women)
    asociación de mujeres feminine
    • Religious brotherhoods and sisterhoods play an important role in organizing these ceremonies and festivals.
    • The strongest developments regarding deaconess sisterhoods among Baptists in America occurred among the German Baptists.
    • Although women could not be priests or bishops, convents and sisterhoods provided professional opportunities to women in a society where few respectable professional outlets existed.
    • The girl then responded to the bishop's queries about Pusey and his dealings with the sisterhood.
    • They based the ridiculous behaviour around the same conniving behaviour performed in the sisterhood of all elementary school girls.
    • He thanked Sellon for her presence in the Diocese of Exeter and the notable achievements of the sisterhood among the poor, especially the orphan girls.
    • In a world of brotherhoods and sisterhoods there was always the existence of secret societies.
    • We can no longer assume that social groups - classes, races, nations, sisterhoods, will be homogeneous and consensual: we look instead for evidence of power, resistance, coercion and consent.
    • Over the years, as educational opportunities became more common for women, Newcomb came to mean not so much educational access but a sisterhood and support group within the larger educational structure.
    • The power of religious belief and commitment that motivated women to enter a sisterhood and engage in social activism is often downplayed in historians' accounts.
  • 2

    congregación feminine
  • 3

    (sisterly relationship)
    (entre mujeres) solidaridad feminine
    • I can't know what it's like to be a woman, or even how exactly to be a dad to girls, but I know something of sisters, and even perhaps of sisterhood, if I may be so bold.
    • Anyone who has a sister, as I do, understands the mental, emotional and spiritual complexities that biological sisterhood imparts.
    • There is no sisterhood among sisters here, only envy fuelled by despair.
    • It is a celebration of motherhood, sisterhood and womanhood.
    • In 1991, Juliet made Blood Sisters, a film essay which explored the mythologies of sisterhood.