Translation of sit in Spanish:


sentarse, v.

Pronunciation: /sɪt//sɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(sit down)

      come and sit beside me ven y siéntate a mi lado / junto a mí
      • there was nowhere to sit no había donde sentarse
      • (command to dog) sit! ¡siéntate!
      • she sat on my knee se me sentó en las rodillas
      • Janine needed to sit down after taking everything in, so she grabbed a chair and sat next to him.
      • She needs special chairs to support her back as she slowly learns to sit upright, as well as sensory equipment and a walker to help her develop.
      • Boyle sits upright, looking askance at my brick-like tape recorder.
      • And everyone who gives is also becoming active in our support, rather than sitting at home frustrated at the media coverage.
      • Make sure you have good back and foot support when you sit.
      • Eventually she drifts off to sleep and then I can usually sit down, but only by keeping her lying on my chest while I sit there trying not to make any sudden moves.
      • The patient used her arms while sitting to support the weight of the trunk in order to avoid pressure on the sacrum.
      • He sits rather still on his couch, rarely gestures, and speaks in a relaxed yet expressive tone.
      • A lady sitting at a desk wore an expression that told her to sit down and bide her time, so that was what she did.
      • Leo helped me to sit upright on the floor while supporting my back with his elbow.
      • Travelling north to Edinburgh last weekend, I got talking to the rather mumsy woman sitting next to me.
      • When you are sitting straight with your feet flat on the floor your arms should be at a 90-degree angle when typing on the computer.
      • He only shook his head, looking rather pathetic as he sat at the kitchen table.
      • People who need to use a chair for meditation should sit upright with their feet touching the ground.
      • If he is not actually working, he would vastly prefer to putter outside or in a shed rather than to sit about getting under her feet.
      • The design encourages children to sit upright rather than slumped.
      • As the man entered through the windows, she changed her position and sat upright on the bed.
      • Many make the pilgrimage to sit worshipfully at his feet.
      • A soldier sitting at the foot of the bridge pushed himself upright and picked up his musket.
      • For a start you're sitting over a foot higher than your neighbour in the regular car.

    • 1.2(be seated)

      estar sentado
      she sat there, staring into space estaba allí sentada, con la mirada perdida
      • that's where the boss sits ahí se sienta el jefe
      • you're sitting on my hat! ¡estás sentado encima de mi sombrero!
      • I have to sit at home while she's out enjoying herself yo me tengo que quedar entre estas cuatro paredes mientras ella se divierte por ahí
      • he spent the whole day sitting in front of the television se pasó todo el día sentado delante del televisor
      • don't just sit there: do something! ¡no te quedes ahí sentado: haz algo!
      • sit still! ¡quédate quieto!
      • to be sitting pretty estar bien colocado
      • to sit tight
      • you sit tight, I'll call a taxi no te muevas / quédate aquí tranquila, que yo llamo un taxi
      • the company thinks it can sit tight till better days la empresa cree que puede aguantar hasta que vengan tiempos mejores

  • 2

    • 2.1Art

      (portrait/for artist/photograph) posar
      to sit for sb/sth posar para algn/algo
      • He also sat for students at the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana.
      • British sculptor Ian Walters will make the statue, and Mandela has agreed to sit for him, organisers said.
      • The heavy, slow equipment used in photography's first era made having a picture taken almost as demanding as sitting for a painter.
      • It was the subjects who served the artist by agreeing to sit for him.
      • One hundred and five years after they sat for the photographer we are connected.
      • One day the husband of a woman who was sitting for a portrait by Picasso dropped in on the artist at his studio.
      • One recalls Roland Barthes's formulation of photographic exposure of being posed in exteriority and becoming a specter in sitting for a photograph.
      • East Riding Council is looking for a man or woman born before 1901, who would agree to sit for photographer Ian Beesley.
      • When they were first married, Christopher's aunt had insisted that they sit for a portrait.
      • The Victorians hid their rotten teeth when sitting for portraits and photographs.
      • The worst spoon-feeding comes late in the film, as Elise sits for a photograph.
      • It was the first time he sat for a formal portrait.
      • Few individuals in a century of heavy taxation have the wealth to support the arts but royalty still sits for portraits, even if the commissioning organization pays the artist.
      • A request was made that the entire squadron sit for individual portraits.
      • When sitting for his portrait, Oliver Cromwell ordered his portraitist, who wanted to pretty Cromwell up, to paint him ‘warts and all.’
      • Daniel Rowland was a self-effacing man, who only once consented to sit for his portrait.
      • In both the 1901 and the 1888 works, the sunflowers are displayed on the seat of a chair, as if they had the status of a human sitting for a portrait.
      • During this period, sitting for a photograph had a certain formality.
      • On September 10, 1665, during a sitting for his bust, the king got up to check on the likeness.
      • Artists are also likely to make the portraits of important people look much more handsome than they really are to flatter the person sitting for a portrait.

    • 2.2British

      to sit for an exam presentarse a un examen

    • 2.3

      to sit in Congress/the Commons tener un escaño en el Congreso/en la Cámara de los Comunes
      • he sits for Fulham representa a Fulham
      • Adjournments of the Houses of Parliament take place all the time when Parliament is sitting.
      • The governor general will announce at a later date when parliament will sit to choose a new prime minister.
      • The court may sit at any place (either within or outside the State).
      • So it was in Perth and Inverness and every country town where the high court sat.
      • But Lord Hoyle - who for many years represented Nelson and Colne and whose son Lindsay sits for Chorley in the Commons - said it was essential to get rid of the last vestiges of hereditary patronage.
      • In May of this year the Crown Court was sitting there.
      • We have now been told that it will be next week when Parliament is not sitting.
      • As a result, parliament has sat only twice since the election and the next meeting has been set for July 20.
      • The medieval parliament and king's court often sat under its carved angels and it was from here that the kingdom was ruled.
      • The Senate is due to debate the bill when Federal Parliament sits later this month.
      • In 1644 he was appointed by the king as commissioner of excise in Lichfield, which led to him to Oxford where the Royalist parliament sat.
      • Apart from anything else, he sits for a Scottish seat, and it is infamous that the people of England should accept laws made by Scottish MPs when we English MPs have absolutely no say over corresponding issues in Scotland.
      • He entered Parliament in 1818, sitting for several constituencies until returned for the City of London in 1841, which he represented until his elevation to the peerage as Earl Russell.
      • For the Health Minister, who sits for a Scottish seat, can impose policies on England for which he is not accountable to his own constituents because their health policy is decided by the Scottish Parliament.
      • The Parliament is sitting again this week, with the Senate holding Estimates Committee hearings.
      • Pete Wishart, who sits for the Scottish Nationalist Party, felt the decision should lie with members of the Scottish parliament, and not with government down south.
      • The court sits at Parliament House in Edinburgh and there is no appeal in criminal matters to the House of Lords at Westminster.
      • The European Parliament sits at exactly the same time as the Dáil on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
      • In the meantime there is nothing I can say on the whole saga until the ethics committee sits.
      • And even at that, there is no guarantee that the District Court will sit there again.
      • It meets at 8.30 in the morning on a Wednesday, almost every week that Parliament is sitting.
      • He was at last allowed back into Parliament in 1774 and sat for Middlesex until 1790.
      • But it is a question of fact as to whether or not there was a miscarriage of justice. This Court does not sit as a Court of Criminal Appeal.
      • As your Honours know, the New South Wales Supreme Court has sat overseas on a number of recent occasions.
      • Future Legislative Assemblies, as the successors to the Constituent were to be called, were to contain 745 seats and sit for two years.
      • After all, 96 per cent of all MPs since 1945 have sat for the Labour or Conservative parties.
      • The Legislative Assembly shall consist of 57 elected members who shall be returned and sit for electoral districts.
      • Frankly, ministers don't like being told what they can and can't do with English education spending by an MP who sits for a Scottish constituency.
      • This Court does not sit as an ordinary Court of Criminal Appeal hearing appeals against convictions and sentences.

    • 2.4(be in session)

      (committee/parliament/court) reunirse en sesión
      (court/parliament/committee) sesionar Latin America
      they have been sitting all day han estado todo el día sesionando Latin America

  • 3

    (be situated)
    (building/village) estar (situado)
    (building/village) estar ubicado Latin America
    it had been sitting on my desk all the time había estado todo el tiempo encima de mi escritorio
    • Behind pocket doors, the formal dining room table sits near one of three fireplaces.
    • To the right of the throne room, two small buildings sit side by side.
    • At the head of the coffee table sat a respectable looking gentleman, thinning hair combed over his bald spot.
    • Resting unattended on the bench of a nearby picnic table sat a large, ripe watermelon.
    • In the center of the room sat a large table, with only two chairs at it.
    • A mixture of tension, anger and fear has gripped the Pakistan north-west frontier town of Peshawar, which sits at the foot of the Khyber Pass leading into Afghanistan.
    • In the center of the dining room sits a marble table surrounded by four leather chairs.
    • Across the table sits the woman, clearly not thrilled.
    • A family of life-size stone monkeys sit beside them; nearby graze deer while a cow is being milked as its licks its calf.
    • On the table sits a birthday cake with one slice missing.
    • In place of the utility room sit a miniature family room and dining area.
    • In the center, filling the room, sat a long table surrounded by chairs.
    • On the coffee table sat a plate of crackers with a limp fan of cheese.
    • On the table sits a big bowl of almonds picked from the Gibsons' own tree.
    • At the bar sat a lone figure wearing a brown leather jacket over a black flight suit.
    • Out on the patio table sat a tape recorder, a notebook, and the evaluation forms.
    • Revelin Moss sits at the foot of Grisedale Pike about 300m above sea level.
    • Below that sits a similarly positioned on/off key, two fast access buttons - pre-set to run the diary and address book apps - and up and down scroll buttons.
    • In another room down the hall from the locker room, sat many figures.
    • On an altar in the room sits a figure of the Buddha.
  • 4

    • 4.1(fit)

      (clothes) caer
      (clothes) sentar
      the jacket sits well la chaqueta cae bien / sienta bien
      • He was tall and lean; his dark-gray suit of military cut did not sit well on him.
      • Sometimes, a person dressed in the most expensive clothes can look like a fish out of water because his clothes do not sit well on him.
      • We'd black berets that wouldn't sit right and black boots rich with dust and hungry for polish.

    • 4.2(weigh)

      the curry sat heavily on her stomach el curry le cayó pesado / le sentó mal
      • his crime sat heavy on his conscience el crimen le pesaba en la conciencia

  • 5

    (hen/bird) empollar
    to sit on the eggs empollar (los huevos)
    • There are now eggs in the nest and she sits there all day.
    • In contrast, effects of brood size on cooling dynamics are much smaller in species whose nestlings sit alongside each other.
    • The bird carrier should be large enough for your bird to sit or rest in it comfortably so that it doesn't bump its head or tail on the top or bottom.
    • You may see stiff-winged fulmars gliding effortlessly, or hear them cackling as they sit precariously on ledges incubating single eggs.
    • A golden bird sang a melodious song as it sat, perched in a glittering green tree.
    • I don't have much experience of a broody hen sitting on the eggs.
    • Two sea eagles sit hunched on a branch, their expressions indicating distaste.
    • I will dust carefully round my sitting hen's eggs so as not to move them.
    • A quetzal sits upon a branch, yet this species of trogon is not found outside the Mexican and Central American cloud forests.
  • 6sitting pres p

    (figure) sentado
    in a sitting position sentado
    • the sitting member el representante / diputado actual

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cause to be seated)
    (person) sentar
    (object) poner
    (object) colocar
    they sat me next to Julia me sentaron junto a Julia
    • sit yourself beside me siéntate a mi lado / junto a mí

    en posición vertical

  • 2

    the auditorium sits a hundred (people) en el auditorio caben cien personas
    • the table sits eight (people) la mesa es para ocho personas
    • the back seat sits three comfortably en el asiento de atrás caben cómodamente tres personas
  • 3British

    school University
    to sit an exam tomar un examen Mexico
    • she's sitting history tomorrow mañana rinde el examen de historia
    • she did not sit the exam no se presentó al examen