Translation of sitar in Spanish:


sitar, n.

Pronunciation /sɪˈtɑr//ˈsɪtɑː//sɪˈtɑː/


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    sitar masculine
    • We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant where sitars jangled in the background.
    • Kim said classical music, Indian sitar, or even African reggae could all be a beneficial part of the class.
    • It was accompanied simultaneously by the soothing music from a sitar.
    • Two legendary masters, one of the sitar the other of the violin, get together for one thought-provoking session.
    • At one stage the pianist was plucking the strings of a grand piano to emulate a sitar.
    • The youngster had been playing with a toy train near the musicians when it had hit a sitar being played by the woman.
    • The smell of Asian cuisine filled the schoolyard and children danced to the Indian sitar.
    • Music has been his forte and he has let the sound of his sitar do all the talking.
    • The sitar also has huge frets and loose strings that will bend four or five tones with a little pressure.
    • She is shown wearing a sarong and holding a sitar as if it were a guitar.
    • Attempts have also been made to give enough representation to Indian instruments like the sitar, sarod, flute and santoor.
    • Her father is the acknowledged genius of the sitar, and one of the world's most renowned Indian musicians and composers.
    • Ravi Shankar is the man renowned for popularising Indian classical music and combining Eastern and Western musical styles through the sitar.
    • He played the instrument with great mastery, making with it music that was normally impossible with either the sitar or the guitar.
    • The sounds of Indian hand drums - the tabla - float through the air along with a stringed sitar.
    • It is fascinating to note how much the character of Shankar's music seems to change in the absence of the sitar.
    • Sounds of the sitar, the flute and the keyboard combine to create a great atmosphere.
    • A prominent solo line, a guitar, a sitar or a flute, floats over a solid background of synths and percussion.
    • The difference this time is Indians are calling the shots, instead of just handing their sitars over to the Beatles to twang.
    • When it comes to talking about my limited music talents, I have to admit that I'd definitely prefer to play the guitar to the sitar!