Translation of sitter in Spanish:


modelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪdər//ˈsɪtə/


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    modelo feminine
    • Rembrandt's portraits of individual sitters are similarly energetic, emphasizing faces, hands, and dynamic silhouettes at the expense of costumes and settings.
    • Later in her career she also did numerous portrait busts of distinguished sitters.
    • In the portraits, sitters appear shorn of pretense and disguise.
    • He always portrayed his sitter as a distinct individual rather than a representative of his or her particular group.
    • His style shows strong characterisation in his sitters and an exquisite delineation of costume and jewellery.
    • The sitter, presumably, was desirous of being portrayed and perhaps curious to see how she would be perceived by a celebrated professional.
    • Both sitter and artist would also have in mind the person who commissioned the portrait and for whose eyes it was intended.
    • The paintings exhibit strong physical and emotional energy, derived from the direct encounter between artist and sitter in the studio.
    • The scrutinizing artist and his exposed sitters are all committed to the inert artifact that will outlive them: a photograph.
    • The portrait conveyed the casual and relaxing quality of the sitter's personality, which is important in this work.
    • It had long been accepted practice in portrait painting to depict sitters with prized possessions appropriate to their status and station in life.
    • The identities of the sitters in the Phillips portraits have only recently been discovered.
    • A portrait is of course in the first instance a likeness of the sitter who commissions it.
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    gallina clueca feminine
  • 3babysitter

    baby sitter feminine
    canguro feminine Spain