Translation of sitting in Spanish:


turno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪtɪŋ//ˈsɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (for meal etc)
    turno masculine
    I watched three movies at / in a single sitting vi tres películas de una sentada / de un tirón informal
    • The Ritz serves 300 covers a day at four sittings.
    • There were two sittings for dinner in the restaurant and shortly after boarding you were allocated your sitting and your table number which you kept with you throughout the cruise.
    • There were no sittings; passengers came to one of the ship's restaurants when they felt like it, and if a table was available, they took it.
    • The part-time firefighters served more than 100 children with food, in two sittings.
    • Corrianders Restaurant are able to cater for individual sittings or larger groups.
  • 2

    (of committee, parliament)
    sesión feminine
    an all-night sitting una sesión que duró (or dura etc.) toda la noche
    • He says he will introduce legislation during the winter sitting of Parliament.
    • Williams said the meeting had to be called before the next sitting of the executive committee on Tuesday.
    • He will be the key player in the meetings of the Conference of the Presidents, which meets monthly to set out the agenda for the sittings of the European Parliament.
    • At the regular sitting of the parliamentary group on Tuesday, no final decision was taken about the fate of the disloyal MPs.
    • A lot of advanced democracies still have all-night sittings, which I think are crazy.
    • He became increasingly eccentric, bursting into song or verse during parliamentary sittings and falling asleep at public meetings.
    • A special sitting of the German parliament at the beginning of October will debate the necessary resolution.
    • Today was the fourth time a serving US President has addressed a joint sitting of Parliament.
    • The measures will be put into place at the next sitting of Parliament, tentatively scheduled for March.
    • Government officials said today's Parliament sitting may be very brief to accommodate the continuation of the crime talks.
    • He did not have the full sitting of parliament as he told Australians he would, only his cabinet met.
    • The past couple of weeks have seen the final fortnight of Parliament sittings for the year.
    • Howard knew he would never get it passed in a full sitting of parliament.
    • With the last sitting of state parliament upon us, it is time to write to state MPs to save the rail line.
    • Chief Minister John Osborne announced double salaries in December at the last sitting of Parliament.
    • A further rebuke took place during the first sitting of parliament.
    • Who says pre-budget Parliamentary sittings have to be dull?
    • The decision to delay the new parliament's first sitting will only add to cynicism in the electorate and will be no encouragement to take part in the election.
    • I hope we will make early progress in the next sitting of Parliament.
    • There are just two more weeks of parliamentary sittings before the winter break, and the beginning of the period in which the Prime Minister says he'll go to the polls.
  • 3

    (for painter, photographer)
    sesión feminine
    • The portrait was completed in the artist's studio in Suffolk after five sittings in January.
    • Blanch was his stand-in model between sittings with his portrait subjects, including the queen.
    • After the initial sittings for the portrait, the Marquise suddenly took ill and died, and Drouais was obliged to complete the portrait from memory.
    • By December or January the sittings had got very short.
    • How many sittings did Ian have for his portrait?
    • At the end of the sitting, they can take photographs of the subject.
    • I went for five sittings in total and on the first one she just tried to make me feel at home, making jokes all the time.
    • During the first few sittings, the artist must concentrate on the face and any other physical qualities, such as hands, that need special attention.
    • The sitting is over quickly - little more than five minutes.