Translation of situation comedy in Spanish:

situation comedy

comedia, n.


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    (acerca de situaciones de la vida diaria) comedia feminine
    • The earliest situation comedy on television was set in the city.
    • These 12 achingly funny visits to a Torquay hotel represent British situation comedy at its finest.
    • This ensemble piece plays like the worst situation comedy, bordering on farce and venturing well into the realm of stereotypes.
    • Throughout the 1990s, television situation comedy moved almost all of its most popular characters into identifiable urban areas.
    • For example, a television situation comedy and two movies have recently been based on life in South Boston.
    • Alas, it's just a situation comedy about the nervous breakdown of a middle-class mediocrity.
    • Even within the single medium of network television, for example, there are huge differences between the production team required for news, situation comedy, and game shows.
    • The situation comedy has proved one of the defining and most enduring genres in British television, despite its share of brickbats and setbacks.
    • Like a bad situation comedy: here was the over-protective father putting his foot in his mouth up to his knee.
    • He treats the play as if it were a romantic situation comedy, while neglecting its great strength - the glorious, witty dialogue.
    • Although it could never break into the Top 30 in the Nielsen ratings race, the show nonetheless became part of the American Family's regular weekly diet of situation comedy and familial friendliness.
    • Premiere week also showed the weakness of situation comedy as a genre.
    • The author examines the problem of adapting the situation comedy to the post-Soviet Russian cultural idiom.
    • This is the family situation comedy against which all other family sitcoms must now be measured.
    • The upbeat down-to-earth situation comedy about the trials and traumas of a family living in Walworth, London, is back later this year.
    • Without at least one character who affects us emotionally, situation comedy loses all its interest.
    • By contrast, chocolate, if American situation comedy is to be believed, comprises the staple diet of recently-made-single women everywhere.