Translation of six-pack in Spanish:


paquete de seis unidades, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪks ˌpæk///


  • 1

    (in packaging)
    paquete de seis unidades masculine
    • Melody grabbed a can of beer from a six-pack on the counter and brushed past him towards the exit.
    • Wandering around the bench, he carted a six-pack of beer, bottles of orange and apple juice, and a cornucopia of soft drink cans over to the sink.
    • When a gang of my friends arrived with six-packs of beer dressed like they'd just walked off the set of Trainspotting my flatmate's face could have turned a dairy sour.
    • He grabbed a six-pack of beer and brought it to the cashier.
    • I was shy around girls, I didn't hit the bars, I tended to buy a bag of oysters and a six-pack of beer and sit in the garden.
    • Teenage girls, as well as boys, came into the garden with six-packs of beer and residents of the flats could hear young people swearing and see them urinating in the bushes.
    • I was high on morphine with a plate and six screws in my leg when he smuggled a six-pack of real beer into my Salt Lake City hospital room.
    • Stopping at a fast food place and ordering a meal to go and then driving passed a drug store, he stopped and grabbed a six-pack of beer.
    • He yanked a cold can of Budweiser from the plastic ring holding the six-pack together.
    • When we arrived at the hut two hours later, my guides began to extract onions, potatoes, cheese, ham, salami, baguettes, a whole chicken, and two six-packs of beer from their packs.
    • By his side was a six-pack of beer and a bottle of whisky.
    • We pay for two six-packs, carting them back to the studio in silence.
    • He opens the fridge and pulls out a six-pack of beer.
    • The next time you're packing for a picnic, perhaps you'll buy a box of wine instead of a six-pack of beer.
    • In my kitchen is a six-pack of beer of a brand that I don't normally drink.
    • These are the plastic carrier rings that hold the cans in a six-pack together.
    • The real question remains: Who on earth wants two six-packs of Non-Alcoholic beer?
    • Last year, I was on a supermarket line with a purchase of a six-pack of beer and the checkout girl asked for identification.
  • 2informal

    (abdominal muscles)
    músculos abdominales marcados masculine
    tableta de chocolate feminine Spain informal
    • I could see every muscle in his body, his pecks, his six-pack, his biceps, all perfectly sculpted like marble.
    • He wasn't sporting a supermodel six-pack, but the muscles in his arms, and his abs were hard and visible.
    • Admiring a hunk on the beach, he sighs, ‘I wish God had given me a six-pack.’
    • His chest looks tight so he must have a six-pack.
    • Men should remember that muscularity is not masculinity and that self-esteem is not built on a six-pack of abdominal muscles.
    • But, of course, if a true six-pack abdomen is what you're looking for, diet alone won't do it.
    • They want liposuction to get a six-pack because they're physically unable to accomplish it themselves.
    • At this point, contract down on your six-pack and side abdominals.
    • The new six-pack and perfect biceps were changes, but I was willing to adjust.
    • She didn't have highly defined muscles, a six-pack, or anything of the sort, probably because she didn't do weight training.
    • I watched Jay pull off his shirt, up over his head, revealing well-toned muscles and a six-pack.
    • He doesn't want to develop Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps or a six-pack torso.
    • Unfortunately, doing abdominal exercises alone will not do much about the appearance of a six-pack.
    • Under that shirt was a nice muscular chest with a six-pack.
    • But the catch is that you can't spot reduce fat, so if you want to uncover a sizzling six-pack, you have to reduce your overall body fat level.
    • You don't need a six-pack to have stomach muscles.
    • That's the secret to making your superficial six-pack muscles pop like never before.
    • I was surprised to see the beginnings of a six-pack.
    • If you want to get a six-pack, lose the fat covering the muscles.
    • Do all the crunches and treadmill sessions you want, but your six-pack's not going to show as long as pizza and potato chips are mainstays in your diet.