Translation of sixth sense in Spanish:

sixth sense

sexto sentido, n.


  • 1

    sexto sentido masculine
    • Street thugs, who live by their wits, have a sixth sense when they are being conned.
    • There are times when this absolute faith in their sixth sense can be dangerous, for them and for others.
    • Isn't a foetus alive when it becomes aware of its surroundings by any one of its senses and in that I include the so-called sixth sense.
    • Over the years, I have developed a bit of a sixth sense about the business and nowadays tend to keep well away.
    • This is the tale of a girl who has visions and with a sixth sense.
    • He seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to sensing danger and I don't think you can say the same about Campbell.
    • Do animals have a sixth sense that allows them to predict earthquakes?
    • Balance is our true sixth sense; it enables us to sense how our bodies are moving around in the world and keep us upright.
    • Prof Warwick also hopes to wire himself up to a ultrasonic sensor, to give himself a bat-like sixth sense.
    • I believe in the sixth sense, telepathy and rebirth as I have experienced it.
    • She was five when she first realised she had a sixth sense.
    • He had a slight hunch though, perhaps due to a sixth sense of some sort, that Natalie wasn't quiet as happy as usual.
    • He's normally very careful, and almost has a sixth sense when it comes to detecting even traces of nut.
    • It was a sixth sense, not in some fanciful play of words, but physically.
    • He had only a split second of warning, a sixth sense that caused him to turn.
    • Very likely, some intuitive hunches do indicate the presence of a sixth sense.
    • Ben hoped and prayed, though, that his sixth sense would be wrong this time.
    • In the area of a sixth sense, cats have long been noted as gifted.
    • In addition to your five physical senses, you were born with intuition, your sixth sense.
    • When you are in the jungle for a while you are supposed to develop a sixth sense - to know when something is going to happen and to know when you are being watched.