Translation of skatepark in Spanish:


parque de monopatín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskeɪtpɑːk//ˈskeɪtˌpɑrk/


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    parque de monopatín masculine
    parque de patineta masculine Latin America
    • Currently there are two great skateparks open in the Fresno area.
    • Longboards are designed for racing and are not really meant for skateparks.
    • With this tool, players can create the skateparks of their dreams and actually skate them.
    • Skateboarders and youngsters have handed over their designs for the long-awaited skatepark for Leigh.
    • A hardcore contingent stayed with skateboarding and built backyard half pipes and ramps as more skateparks closed.
    • I'm pretty sure it's the oldest skatepark in the United States that is still in operation.
    • There are several skateparks and a few street spots.
    • Essentially, this was to be a skatepark designed and built by people who do not ride skateboards.
    • The dedication and hard work of members of a youth council has resulted in a new skatepark being built.
    • A last-ditch bid to provide a skatepark on Rayleigh's King George V playing field is being made by the town council.
    • New Zealand is a country peppered with lots of skateparks and friendly people, far away from the cold and dreariness of the San Francisco winter.
    • They have built over 12 skateparks in America, one in Austria, and have projects pending in Hawaii, California and North Carolina.
    • When I'd go to skateparks, they'd always be blasting music.
    • ‘In other areas where they've built skateparks they have had a problem of graffiti afterwards because it's a part of that culture,’ he said.
    • ‘On Thursday we were informed the skatepark might not be able to go ahead at all,’ she said.
    • I work at a skatepark and know more about your little skateboard industry then you would ever want to know.
    • I just like skateparks better than any street mission because you can go there with all your friends and everyone's guaranteed a great session.
    • I'm hoping to design skateparks after I take some drafting classes.
    • We were informed a skatepark was to be built after a discussion by the council with young people.
    • ‘When I was a kid in North Carolina, there were no skateparks,’ says Crowfoot.