Translation of skid in Spanish:


patinazo, n.

Pronunciation /skɪd//skɪd/


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    Motor Vehicles
    patinazo masculine
    derrape masculine
    derrapaje masculine
    patinada feminine Latin America
    to go into a skid derrapar
    • Similar studies to those in Holland were carried out in the United Kingdom and the results were used to develop a skid resistance specification based on investigatory levels.
    • The skid steering allows for on-the-spot-turning.
    • There will be skids and tumbles, but it is all part of the fun.
    • The noise startled him, and he slid into a side skid.
    • Ouellette and his team specialize in teaching drivers advanced techniques for handling such things as skids, blowouts, unusual weather and collision avoidance.
    • Tasks during the series include reversing trailers, parallel parking, handling skids and reacting to people and objects on the road.
    • This feature enables the car to react in potentially dangerous situations more effectively and avoid skids.
    • The average skid resistance results are given in Figure 4.
    • Steer control induces a resistance in the steering, encouraging the driver to steer away from the resistance and so, out of the skid or slide.
    • All Crash's renowned moves have returned, including the spin attack, the body slam and the slide skid.
    • An undignified skid and a few slides later found him at the entrance to the parlor, where the voices had retreated to.
    • Substances such as diesel and liquid soap are poured on the road to facilitate skids, wheelspins, and other manoeuvres.
    • Previous to the traffic work, we'd occasionally hear a skid once a week or so, and now it's nearly a daily occurrence.
    • If you start to hydroplane, don't brake suddenly or turn the wheel, or you might spin into a skid.
    • We had some skids and accidents, but thankfully no injuries.
    • You would think a couple of skids and spins would teach him, but no!
    • He cascaded down the hall, sliding on the damp ground and coming to a skid in front of a door.
    • But when I tried to steer into the skid I oversteered and started going round the other way.
    • He believed Mrs Letch probably tried to correct the skid but in doing so steered squarely into the path of the oncoming car.
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    (for moving goods)
    rastra feminine
    • He constructed very long, rough wooden skids which he assembled into semi-geometric structures.
    • Unmarked crates, heavy machinery, and piles upon piles of empty skids filled the most of it.
    • I put skids under it for ease of movement.
    • The lumber coming off the saw is bundled and tagged and stacked on a skid.
    • Skid steer loaders are used to dig and move landscaping and building materials.
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    larguero masculine
    • It had a shorter hinged shoulder support plate and a skid type bipod.
    • Contrast that with a gas turbine, which is shipped on a skid and essentially needs only to be hooked up.
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    freno masculine

intransitive verbskidding, skidded

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    (car/plane/wheels) patinar
    (wheels/car/plane) derrapar
    (person) resbalarse
    (object) deslizarse
    the car skidded on the ice el coche patinó / derrapó en el hielo
    • we skidded off the road/into a tree patinamos / derrapamos y nos salimos de la carretera/y chocamos contra un árbol
    • the vehicle skidded to a halt el vehículo se detuvo tras dar un patinazo
    • I skidded across the kitchen floor (me) resbalé y me fui de un lado al otro de la cocina
    • Through blurred eyes he watched helplessly as the bike skidded across the ground towards the tanker, sending a shower of sparks shooting up into the cold air as it scraped along the surface of the road.
    • The runners slipped and skidded across the ice, screeching vociferously.
    • Behind him, a car skidded to a halt and seconds later someone ran up behind him.
    • His legs scraped against the brick wall of the house, shoes slipping and skidding as he scampered his way up and out.
    • Realising that she had to get to the hospital she dashed across the muddy grass, her feet skidding on the dampness.
    • It is understood that the vehicle skidded after avoiding a car involved in another accident, mounted the verge and became impaled on a pole projecting from a crash barrier.
    • The car skidded to a halt, and the suited policemen stepped out, hands touching their guns lightly.
    • Naturally, the car was hit by the bus and the car skidded onto the pavement.
    • Four steps from the bottom, my left foot skidded out from under me, and before I knew it, I was face down on the dressing room floor.
    • The car skidded to a halt on the currently empty street.
    • His expression then changed to one of surprise as his feet skidded out from under him and he landed next to her, flat on his face.
    • Begin your powder turn and then instead of hitting your edges hard to carve a turn, stand up on two feet and let your skis slide or skid diagonally across the fall line.
    • When the car skidded to a halt in front of the High School, her mother grabbed her wrist.
    • Your Honour, it is objective evidence that whilst the vehicle was skidding, it was on its correct side of the road.
    • I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather.
    • The vehicle skidded and collided with the interstate guard rail.
    • I slipped and skidded as I made my way to my compartment.
    • They all tried to halt quickly with their hands raised when they slipped and skidded on the floor.
    • One of the Cooper girls, Claire, goes skidding past us and slips.
    • Subsequently, the vehicle skidded off the road and fell into the deep gorge.
    • Seven other accidents were also reported on the A59 in the Hessay area, with vehicles skidding into ditches.
    • As I went to fetch the ball, I slipped and went skidding on my hands and knees.
    • I skidded, slipped, cursed, crashed, and generally regressed one full level in ability.
    • I lost my sword, and I fell over backwards, skidding on my shoulders.
    • The vehicle started skidding and pulled off a u-turn.
    • Her bare feet skidded and slid over the dirt, sandals long since broken in the fight.
    • His left foot skidded, and then he was tumbling.
    • Everybody on board was hurt when the vehicle skidded across a two-lane highway 30 miles west of Tonopah, Nevada.
    • Brown, who is based at Battlesbury Barracks in Warminster, identified himself as the driver and said his vehicle skidded on the wet road.
    • Traffic came to a standstill for around 22 minutes near Ulsoor Lake after a truck skidded and collided with a tourist bus on the slippery stretch.
    • Theo slammed on the brakes, and the car skidded sideways into the road.
    • The vehicle skidded off to the side of the road, and Aruna saw a chance.
    • Her feet skidded slightly as she tried to change her direction, nearly knocking her onto her back.
    • Russ skidded as he fell again and slammed into a wall.
    • The bike was skidding sideways, and it slammed into the branch.
    • The raider's feet skidded in mud as he tried to brake, but it was far too late.
    • Drivers compete by taking sharp turns on oval tracks that leave their cars skidding sideways.
    • His bike skidded sideways and hit the road divider.
    • Jack's feet nearly skidded out from under him on the heavily polished wood floor.