Translation of skill in Spanish:


habilidad, n.

Pronunciation /skɪl//skɪl/


  • 1

    habilidad feminine
    technical skill destreza feminine
    • her skill as a negotiator su habilidad para negociar
    • she showed little organizational skill no demostró tener habilidad / aptitudes para organizar
    • a high degree of skill is required for driving big trucks se necesita mucha destreza para conducir camiones grandes
    • game of skill juego de ingenio
    • skill in/at sth
    • her skill at (doing) crosswords su habilidad para hacer crucigramas / para los crucigramas
    • the post requires skill in administration el puesto requiere dotes / aptitudes administrativas
    • Many Fortune 500 companies believe that basic communications skills training pays back significant dividends.
    • Students learn basic computer skills in computer classroom.
    • Students need to acquire cognitive skills along the way.
    • I went from teaching literacy to teaching flying skills to teaching computer literacy skills.
    • After a comprehension check, follow with some literacy skill development.
    • Subjects retained many Web skills from the computer skills workshop.
    • The position allowed her to begin honing her leadership skills.
    • Because of that, all of these transferable skill sets actually don't get to play out in the workplace.
    • Tasks like the analysis of slave spirituals give them an opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills.
    • Psychologists often stress the fact that juvenile delinquents lack the social skills needed to solve interpersonal problems.
    • Some children may require a great deal of support as they acquire the social skills necessary for maximum independence.
    • The plan aims to teach young, low-income couples the interpersonal skills necessary for healthy marriages.
    • Also, thanks to John Hatton for sharpening my technical writing skills.
    • A child swinging with abandon about a jungle gym is honing his gross motor skills.
    • No new negotiation, communication, or problem-solving skills are learned.
    • They will lack the language skills in either English or Mandarin to become professional workers in either cultural world.
    • The fact is those linguists who are engaged in real intelligence missions requiring their language skills are better qualified.
    • The greatest disparity in performance between the two tests occurred in students with high literacy skill levels in both languages.
    • Handicapped school children in south Florida learn problem-solving skills by playing chess.
    • One of my strengths is possessing the organizational skills needed to know where every detail came from.
  • 2

    typing is a very useful skill to have saber escribir a máquina es muy útil
    • the course develops your analytical skills el curso desarrolla su capacidad analítica
    • we need somebody with research skills necesitamos a alguien con experiencia en investigación
    • she has no secretarial skills no sabe taquigrafía ni mecanografía (or procesamiento de textos etc.)
    • the basic skills of graphic design las técnicas básicas del diseño gráfico
    • social skills don de gentes