Translation of skillful in Spanish:


hábil, adj.

(British skilful)

Pronunciation /ˈskɪlfəl//ˈskɪlfʊl//ˈskɪlf(ə)l/


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    (liar/tactics/play) hábil
    (surgeon/mechanic) diestro
    (at sewing, craftwork) habilidoso
    (at sewing, craftwork) diestro
    (at sewing, craftwork) hábil
    they're very skillful at avoiding confrontations son muy hábiles / tienen mucha habilidad para evitar enfrentamientos
    • he's pretty skillful with a needle and thread es bastante habilidoso para la costura
    • You need to be able to show you were as skillful and competent with a gun as the average cop.
    • Do I beat my current boss and my potential future bosses to not only look good and competitive but skillful too?
    • He was also a robust, competitive and skillful GAA player in both hurling and football.
    • There are not enough skilful, experienced cyclists on Britain's roads, however.
    • Gazan became known as a skilful commander, capable of taking advantage of the most difficult situations.
    • He gives Meade a full and fair hearing, pronouncing him competent if not overly skillful.
    • Not only is he a brilliantly skillful footballer, he is also captain and leader of this Czech side.
    • The Romans learned the practice from the Carthaginians and quickly became very efficient and skillful at it.
    • We also have to remember that many intelligence officers are trained to be skillful liars.
    • Brocklebank is big, strong, experienced and skilful, so his success was not unexpected.
    • This example of a Rococo clock shows just how skillful master wood carvers were at that time.
    • Yes, they might very well be skillful and well trained, but she doesn't know that.
    • However, our native driver Alhamdullilah, was skillful and experienced in desert driving.
    • They have been playing together for a long time, have a lot of experience and are a skilful side.
    • Another quality needed in the practice of Dharma is skillful means.
    • In order to change this situation, Buddhism introduces the skillful means of meditation practice.
    • You are brilliant, active and skillful in professional ventures and gain repute in your field of activity.
    • He is very smart and politically skillful, and his time as prime minister was very productive.
    • He is rich, gifted, and skillful and is ready to discuss his emotions in detail.
    • For thousands of years, this has been admired as the most skillful accomplishment in war.