Translation of skim in Spanish:


descremar, v.

Pronunciation /skɪm//skɪm/

transitive verbskimming, skimmed

  • 1

    (milk) descremar
    (milk) desnatar Spain
    (soup) espumar
    to skim sth off sth
    • skim the fat off the stock quítele la grasa al caldo
    • American Indians enjoyed the whole and ground nuts as well as the oil they skimmed from a pot of boiling peanuts.
    • Once a cleanup team has contained the oil, it can attempt to skim it off the surface of the water.
    • Once boiling, skim off the fat and any scum from the surface.
    • My mother would skim the cream off the soured milk and store it until she had a quart jar of soured cream.
    • Chill when done, skim off the fat on top the next morning.
    • First, the survey found, the local governor skimmed off 40 percent.
    • However, for an untold number of years the Indians had skimmed oil from the surface of streams and ponds.
    • Simmer the cooking liquid until reduced to four cups, skimming the surface as needed to remove any impurities.
    • Simmer for five minutes before skimming off any scummy bits gathered on the surface.
    • Bring slowly to the boil, skimming off the froth that rises to the surface.
    • Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer, skimming often.
    • This can then be skimmed from the surface and removed with a suction tube.
    • Remove the duck pieces, skim off as much fat as possible.
    • Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, skim off any surface scum, and add onion, garlic, and bay leaf.
    • After we have cooked anything in the masterstock we strain it, return it to the boil for two more minutes while skimming off any impurities.
    • Reduce the heat and simmer until reduced by half, skimming off any excess fat.
    • Refrigerate, skimming off any fat after an hour or so.
    • Things were going well - I skimmed the surface until it was clear, added the rice until it was soft and then added the vegetables to give it delicious flavour.
    • You can use a gravy spoon to skim off and discard some of the fat.
    • She skimmed the bubbling surface for the burnt sugar and carried it across the kitchen to the sink, went back and stirred again, more burnt sugar.
    • When this happens, skim off any foam that has risen to the surface.
    • To serve, skim off the fat and simmer for an hour.
    • Bring them to the boil, skim off the froth on the top and leave them to cook.
  • 2

    • 2.1(glide over)

      (treetops/water) pasar casi rozando
      the ducks skimmed the surface of the pond los patos volaron casi rozando la superficie del estanque
      • he did no more than skim the surface of the problem no hizo más que tocar el problema muy por encima
      • And the dog skims low over the surface grabbing the ball before it bounces twice, before it travels beyond the second wave.
      • Snowy herons skimmed low over the water, and choruses of warbling frogs emanated from clusters of lily pads.
      • Unfortunately for him the ball skimmed narrowly wide.
      • I start when I feel his hands skim the fullness of my breasts.
      • We skim past Joe who's given up and is drinking a beer with Trin and Lucy on the seats.
      • And that's just skimming the surface of the ' leftist ' propaganda out there.
      • Cyclists and drivers unperturbed by my precarious position skimmed past me in both directions.
      • This can make life superficial, lived on the surface like the ice-skater skimming at speed but with no depth.
      • Suddenly, instead of skimming the glassy surface, you could be struggling with the deep, dark world of potential disaster.
      • I have barely skimmed the surface of this fascinating volume of essays.
      • Tory froze, fingertips still skimming in the water.
      • We become like ice-skaters, skimming fast over the surface.
      • We have not even started to skim just the surface of the available opportunities.
      • Here, we skim the nightscape surface, never getting too close to its image, but never losing sight of it.
      • To drink, these graceful birds skim low over the surface scooping water with open mouths.
      • He gingerly probed his scalp, then winced as his hands skimmed over the lump.
      • They fired again and the beams just skimmed past the girl's shoulder.
      • The roses bloomed, swallows skimmed low and the breeze swished the treetops.
      • Johnny grabbed onto the side and pulled himself up, his boot skimming the surface of the fire.
      • As soon as he said that a bullet skimmed past the driver, cutting his arm.
      • Just as her fingertips skimmed it, Danny tugged it away.
      • The ball skimmed the dirt which means it was no longer in flight to make a legal catch.
      • A flight of Broadwings skimmed the surface of the water.
      • Then it was off, skimming across a glasslike surface leaving a creamy white trail behind us.
      • She gazed back at Sharpie's fingers as they skimmed lightly over the plastic keys.
      • The bullet entered his left thigh, skimmed past the kneecap and came out the upper calf on the opposite side of the leg.
      • One hand left the warmth of her body and skimmed lightly over the surface of the jade pool.
      • "I can't help it, " he whispered back, his fingers lightly skimming the curve of my neck.
      • Over the fast blue waters of the Harrison we blasted up the river, skimming the surface at high speed, skipping lightly over submerged sand bars.
      • Sharlotte had her hand trailing in the water, her fingers skimming the bubbling surface.
      • In the past, the training only skimmed over numerous subjects in a mere two weeks.
      • When I opened my eyes, we were dancing on ice - skating, flying, skimming across the mirrored surface.
      • Kirkby actually came closest to scoring when a thunderous long-range effort from Steve Chapman skimmed the crossbar.
      • ‘She's cold as ice,’ Blake agreed lazily, the fleshy pad of his thumb skimming lightly over her lower lip.
      • The clouds were skimming lower than usual, but other than that, the sky was clear.
      • I began circling the black monstrosity, barely skimming my hand on the surface.
      • Although Kusturica's satire is often bitterly funny, it always just skims surface.

    • 2.2(throw)

      to skim stones hacer cabrillas
      • That is to say nothing of the cerebral challenges in finding the most unlikely-looking stone to successfully skim.
      • A recent effort discloses effective methods for stone skimming on water bodies.
      • McKinna claims that stone skimming can be compared to the javelin and discus.
      • Imagine landing a plane or skimming a flat rock across a body of water.
      • Dropping the stones he had been skimming across the surface of the slow-flowing creek, he reached immediately for the gun in his jacket.
      • It feels like a great hand has suddenly grabbed hold and flung you across the surface like a skimming stone.
      • At one point I was skimming stones into the mist, and I couldn't tell how many jumps they'd made as I'd lost contact.
      • He was babbling away to himself, skimming stones through the dust to emphasise his broken punctuation.
      • Down at the water's edge I taught my daughters to skim stones.
      • She hunkered down for a stone and skimmed it along the water.
      • And finally, a French physicist has come up with a mathematical formula for skimming stones on water.

  • 3

    (read quickly)
    (book/article/page) leer por encima
    (article/page/book) echarle una ojeada a
    (book/page/article) echarle un vistazo a
    • Her fingertips brushed along the pages as she started to skim through the book.
    • But, skimming through it, I came across a quote that really caught my eye, from the wife of a soldier.
    • When writing about an author, it's often helpful to at least skim through his latest book.
    • She skimmed quickly, knowing that her time was likely growing shorter.
    • All this is irrelevant because the little bit I skimmed bored me, so I decided to stop and talk about myself.
    • I tore into the envelope and pulled out the letter, skimming quickly over it.
    • With his long nailed finger, he skimmed through the many lines of text until he found a paragraph that was familiar to him.
    • He skimmed down the page, only looking quickly at it.
    • I quickly skimmed through the heads of the files, frantically searching for Enrico.
    • I skimmed ahead and noticed that these footnotes soon end.
    • She skimmed through the pages of her magazine, but stopped at the main article.
    • As for me, a long time ago, I merely skimmed through this article by Bataille.
    • The business section was filled with Enron stories, and he skimmed that quickly.
    • She let her eyes skim the page, not really reading it, until she got to verse thirty-nine.
    • She quickly skims the entire letter, then reads more carefully at the end.
    • I skimmed down the page then quickly tried a site.
    • Your eyes skim past the Web listings that invite you to visit the company online.
    • Lacey reached forward and took it, her eyes briefly skimming over the first few pages.
    • She handed the bright colored flyer to Liam, which he quickly unfolded and skimmed.
  • 4

    (credit card/debit card) clonar

intransitive verbskimming, skimmed

  • 1

    the speedboat skimmed over the sea la lancha apenas rozaba la superficie del mar
  • 2

    (read quickly)
    leer por encima
    my eye skimmed down the page le eché una ojeada / un vistazo a la página
    • to skim through sth echarle una ojeada / un vistazo a algo