Translation of skin in Spanish:


piel, n.

Pronunciation /skɪn//skɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of person)

      piel feminine
      (esp of face; in terms of quality, condition) cutis masculine
      (esp of face; in terms of quality, condition) piel feminine
      (in terms of color) tez feminine
      (in terms of color) piel feminine
      (cream) (before noun) para la piel
      (disease) de la piel
      (disease) cutáneo
      I can't wear wool next to my skin no puedo soportar la lana en contacto con la piel
      • she has good/bad skin tiene muy buen/mal cutis
      • his dark skin su tez / piel oscura
      • they're sisters under the skin en el fondo son muy parecidas
      • he really gets inside the skin of his characters se identifica totalmente con sus personajes
      • by the skin of one's teeth por los pelos
      • she caught the plane by the skin of her teeth no perdió el avión por un pelo / por los pelos
      • it's no skin off my nose ¿a mí qué me importa?
      • it's no skin off her nose / back if you don't see a doctor no es ella la que se perjudica si tú no vas al médico
      • to be all skin and bones estar en los huesos
      • to get under sb's skin crisparle los nervios a algn
      • to have a thick skin ser insensible a las críticas
      • to have a thin skin ser muy susceptible a las críticas
      • to have sb under one's skin estar loco por algn
      • to give sb some skin chocar las manos con algn para celebrar
      • to jump / leap / be frightened out of one's skin
      • I nearly jumped out of my skin when ... casi me muero del susto cuando ...
      • skin care cuidado de la piel / del cutis
      • skin wound herida superficial
      • His lightly muscled tanned bare skin glistened in the sun and he felt very much like an article on display.
      • His fair skin was burned on his cheeks because they were very rosy.
      • Robert tried to fight the creature with his gun, but the bullets couldn't penetrate its thick skin.
      • Typical teen problems like zits had not touched his flawless pale skin.
      • The woman turns around, her dark brown skin glowing with the warmth of her smile.
      • "In the past lasers couldn't safely penetrate darker pigmented skin, " Dr Weiss said.
      • Her smooth ivory skin glistened with passion induced perspiration.
      • Long thin scars and old bite marks were scattered over the dark leathery skin of the demons' bodies.
      • The light never touched his soft, tan skin.
      • In simple terms, these products won't block pores or irritate sensitive skin.
      • His caramel colored skin glowed when he was happy.
      • She paused, looking up so Yuko was looking at the creamy pale skin of her throat.
      • Her exposed skin tingled against the cold, and she was so fervently trembling she was certain she would faint.
      • A tuberculin skin test result is positive in less than 50 percent of patients.
      • Sarah felt the warmth in her cheeks and the soft carpet caressing the sensitive skin between her bare toes.
      • If moisturizer doesn't cure your itchy dry skin, schedule an appointment with your doctor.
      • An assortment of bruises in varying shade of purple and blue speckled my usually smooth, olive colored skin.
      • Every time his hands touched the bare skin of her neck, it sent shivers throughout her whole body.
      • He leaned in towards her, caressing her exposed creamy skin with uncharacteristic gentleness.
      • Every inch of exposed skin was tanned from the sun, but not to an extreme.

    • 1.2(of animal, bird, fish)

      piel feminine
      • The wearing of skins as normal clothing was unknown for both the Saxons and the Vikings.
      • The ambitious divorcee noted how he made the skins of these dead animals so soft and supple.
      • It is no coincidence that the process of turning animal skins into leather is called tanning.
      • But does this change of heart over furry fashions mean that real fur and skins are here to stay?
      • The Inuit made all their clothing from various animal skins and hides.
      • In many places in India the traditional Coracle is made by blowing up the skin of a dead buffalo, stitching it together and sitting on it like using a large float.
      • It had fresco brick wall sides peaking upward as if inside a tent, there were tanned pelts of animal skins as tapestries on the wall.
      • At first Pryce thought they were wearing furs or skins of a striped animal, but then determined that their bodies were painted.
      • Tanning, the process that converts raw hides or skins into leather, utilizes hazardous substances such as chromium and phenol.
      • Here's one that's really important because we've got a lot of sports fans in this town: touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean.
      • Leopard skins, neo-traditionalist insignia, made frequent appearances at the installation of chiefs.
      • He doffed his cap, also made from the skin of a dead animal - I later learned it was a raccoon.
      • Equally important this season are textures, so there are generous lashings of exotic skins, suedes, leathers and horsehair.
      • They attempt to kill the bigger crocodiles for their skins, but this is a dangerous profession; it's difficult to bag a full grown male.
      • In Masume he sold chamois skins to tanneries and there began his interest in leather.
      • When Galster happened upon a stall with three adult clouded leopard skins on display, he knew he was on to something.
      • The Sun Dance ceremony practised by Plains Indians required the skins of dead animals in order to glorify the spirit of the wolf.
      • Millions of us manage to make a living every day without wearing the skins of dead minks.
      • The court martial comes quickly and my newly sewed on stripes are ripped from my sleeve like the skin of a dead catfish.
      • Handbags and clothing are crafted from animal skins.

    • 1.3

      (of tomatoes, plums) piel feminine
      (of potatoes, bananas) piel feminine
      (of potatoes, bananas) cáscara feminine
      • If you dried out banana skins, and smoked them, you would hallucinate immediately.
      • Wheat bran and the skins of fruits and vegetables are sources of insoluble fiber.
      • The fruit is eaten as a vegetable, the inner skin is ground into meal, and oil is extracted from the seeds.
      • Peel the skin from the roast pepper halves and cut the stem off the aubergine halves.
      • The skins were peeled from frozen berries to avoid mixing with pulp.
      • The skin itself contains more tannin and, in black grapes, a colouring pigment.
      • Simply peel away the outer skin of the kiwi and place in a hard-cooked egg slicer.
      • Remove the tomatoes with a slotted spoon, and peel off the skins while still warm.
      • The skins provide red wine with its colour and contain the highest concentration of polyphenols, potent antioxidants.
      • Fruit skins were prepared fresh without eliminating physiological stress reactions prior to testing.
      • Pull out the stems and peel the skins off the peppers.
      • Making their way through the fruit skins and the heaps of garbage they start out towards the bus stand.
      • I bit into the peach and the fragile skin broke, filling my mouth with juice and peach meats.
      • Kitchen garbage, like the parts of vegetables that are not eaten and discarded fruit skins, may be utilized as compost.
      • Then, using a swivel vegetable peeler, peel off the skin.
      • The next day I began taking hardcore drugs - dried banana skins.
      • The fruit is shaped like but smaller than a pear, and has a shiny brown scaly skin.
      • The skins and zest were peeled and the clementines were sectioned.
      • However, wine yeast occurs in honey and the skins of sugar-rich fruits, and fermentation would have set in quickly in the hot climate.
      • The dried fruit skins are ground and provide a cheap alternative to coffee.

    • 1.4(of sausage)

      piel feminine
      • Peel the skins from the sausages - this is easiest if you slit the skin with the point of a knife then pull off the skins.
      • In another casserole, put the luganica sausage, free of skin and reduced to crumbs, and a little oil and fry until it starts to brown.
      • Squeeze the sausage meat out of the sausages and discard the skins.
      • After less than a minute, the mixture was ready for the sausage machine, where skins (sheep and pig casing) are filled and the links twisted by hand.
      • In developing countries gut skins dominate the sausage market.
      • It is a pudding in the old sense of something enclosed in a sausage skin.
      • Then, I imagine, it is pumped into sausage skins and served in a bun smothered in ketchup and mustard.
      • Nicknamed bangers because of their tendency to explode if the skins are not pierced before frying, sausages have come a long way.

    • 1.5

      (on milk, custard) nata feminine
      (on paint) capa dura feminine
      • It is chilly enough that where the water is calm a skin of ice has formed.
      • Galaxies of lights festooned the vessel, and the living skin of gold covered the gaping holes of cannon-barrels.
      • The skin is covered with small denticles, or scales, pointing backwards.
      • Symbolic skins are the surfaces that we encounter in our daily lives - on the surfaces of our bodies, in our homes, at work, and on the street.
      • The distinctive bumpy skins are used to cover up wounds and to protect them from infection while they heal.
      • Air must be excluded from the can by a tight-fitting lid, or a skin can form in the can.
      • Islam is just the outer skin of an onion covering animism, Hinduism and other ancient mysteries.
      • Meanwhile, thick layers of slate-colored skins began covering their exposed muscles.
      • To make matters worse, spinach was often on the menu and there was a skin on the milk they served for breakfast.

  • 2

    (of vehicle, plane, ship, building)
    revestimiento masculine
    • It was going up to the 27th floor, so they had to peel the skin off of the building and peel the windows out.
    • The longerons were good and did not need replacement but we did replace some skins on the lower fuselage.
    • Lux Studios preserved its exterior skin and opted for all new interiors.
    • Obviously, there's some damage to the exterior skin; a couple of panels that have come off.
    • The stair and theatre foyers are complex folded volumes that reiterate the language of the building skin.
    • The building skin has been constructed, conceptually, from a melding of the two.
    • The hole in the floor was covered with a sliding panel flush with the aircraft's skin.
    • The wing has been detached from the fuselage to facilitate repairs to portions of the wing skin.
    • It takes only a few hours to apply the skin to the structures and to close the village off from the elements.
    • This suggests that the explosive was placed directly on the aircraft's skin.
    • With the wing structure complete, the wings were then covered with aircraft grade mahogany skin.
    • Check for wrinkles in the fuselage skin where the main gear leg goes into the fuselage.
    • Oddly enough, he could see sparks fly as the bullets impacted the skin of the aircraft.
    • Along the fuselage belly, the skin exhibited extreme bulging typical of corrosion damage.
    • It took four months to model the skin, a curvilinear structure and the auditorium interior and ceiling.
    • If your home has cavity walls (two separate skins of brick), filling the gap with insulating foam halves the energy loss.
    • Airlines including El Al are developing guns which will disable hijackers but not pierce the skin of an aircraft.
    • The men swung axes and hammers into the aluminum skin on the tapering wings and fuselages.
    • Herzog & de Meuron's abiding interest in building skins is aggressively advanced at the Walker.
    • Originally, the aluminum skin of the building was not supposed to have color accents, says Stern.
  • 3

    (for water, wine)
    odre masculine
    pellejo masculine
    • He instead took the job of filling their water skins.
    • He shakes his wine skin and hops off of the branch in which he was sitting and walks to a small stream and fills his skin.
    • She found the vial, and poured it into one of the almost-empty water skins.
    • He had finished washing his knife and had started filling up their water skins for the night.
    • The water skin filled, quickly, and out of the top a stream of water burst out.
    • The food supplies are gone and their water skins are empty.
    • The three were given water skins and enough food for a week.
    • They reached the food store, and Lydia immediately grabbed a few skins of water.
    • Amarice refilled the water skins while a few others went off exploring.
    • Three days passed, and the water skins were quite empty, the meager provisions long finished.
    • A deep, clear lake centered the oasis, and the first thing both riders did when they arrived was fill their skins full of the life-giving water.
    • She then filled the skins with it and hurried back to the campsite.
    • Lin appeared with the skins used for canteens, two filled with water and two with ale.
    • After Larken had refilled their water skins in the nearby creek, she began to build a fire.
    • By then, help had arrived in the form of an annoyed looking healer, Julan and Wethin trailing him and holding water skins awkwardly.
    • The company watered the horses and filled the water skins on the wagon with water, and everything was tied down and given a last check.
    • At about noon we found another stream and refilled our water skins.
    • It contained food for three lunches as well as some small water skins.
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    cliché masculine
  • 5

    skin masculine
    • For example, will it be possible to use custom skins or will you release tools to allow users to build custom levels?
    • The white console is customisable too, with the ability to swap everything from the console's faceplate to the skins on the software interface.
    • Not only can you download skins, but GQradio comes with a built-in skin editor so you can unleash your creative spirit.
    • They swapped modding techniques and hundreds of custom skins over the website message board.
    • Do you have any plans to offer support for the mod community that likes to create original skins and custom levels?

    conjunto de imágenes o archivo que permiten cambiar la apariencia de un programa

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animal) despellejar
    (animal) desollar
    to skin sb alive arrancarle la piel a tiras a algn
    • skin the tomatoes quíteles la piel a los tomates
  • 2

    (elbow/knee) despellejar
    (knee/elbow) pelar