Translation of skin-deep in Spanish:


Pronunciation /skɪnˈdiːp//ˈˌskɪn ˈˌdip/


  • 1

    to be skin-deep ser superficial
    • I cooked up a little quiz for all these skin-deep diversity types and have invited my fellow ‘journalists of color’ to show us their true colors.
    • Their beauty was skin-deep, and white-toned at that.
    • Acne is not just skin-deep, and neither are its scars.
    • All of these are pursued with little confidence and Roth's insight into romance and Hollywood cynicism are never more than skin-deep.
    • Like some of the greatest film performances, Hoffman manages to get the skin-deep stuff down while illuminating his character's essence at the same time.
    • These kinds of events demonstrated that democracy and racial equality are skin-deep in America.
    • Most of the treatments offered today are only skin-deep, limited to changing the external appearance.
    • Epidermal relations with the rest of the world are not simply skin-deep.
    • Big-screen celebrity is only skin-deep, or so some people say.
    • Scratch an Irish atheist and you often find that his atheism is only skin-deep.
    • Can any radicalism that has not gazed upon this dreadful Gorgon be anything other than skin-deep?
    • To me, it's a prime example of skin-deep journalism.
    • Second, regulations are taken on as though a skin-deep phenomenon.
    • The No-vote in the referendum has made it emphatically clear that this form of ‘europhoria’ was indeed only skin-deep.
    • In Ali's paintings these differences, though only skin-deep, have grave consequences.
    • The chemicals in an innocent-looking wash bag can make disturbing reading when you consider that make-up isn't just skin-deep.
    • Enforced change only re-emphasises technologies of force and skin-deep commitment to change.
    • The differences, however, are literally just skin-deep.
    • Yet upon closer examination, this diversity proves to be only skin-deep.
    • But that remedy is only skin-deep, is not permanent and does not solve the fundamental problems of pride and acceptance.