Translation of skinny in Spanish:


flaco, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈskɪni//ˈskɪni/


  • 1

    (person/arms) flaco
    (arms/person) flacucho informal
    (space) estrecho US informal
    (space) angosto Latin America US informal
  • 2informal

    (mocha/coffee/latte) con leche descremada
    (coffee/mocha/latte) con leche desnatada Spain


  • 1USinformal

    the skinny la información confidencial
    • I was a skinny kid, not athletic or anything, but I wanted to go to the parties with the football players and stuff.
    • The sight of several toffs sipping skinny lattes in the crowd suggest those Arsenal fans made it in.
    • Ultimately, Jessica's relationship dilemma feels about as agonising as choosing between a skinny decaf latte and a grande mochaccino.
    • Would Steve McQueen have been a skinny latte man?
    • We wonder what the response would be if we went in and asked for a skinny hazelnut latte.
    • Or just grab a skinny cappuccino or latte for a low-calorie warm drink.
    • I wouldn't go in there, though, to the truck stop and ask for a skinny decaf soy latte.
    • She was short and skinny with long blonde hair and big blue eyes.
    • Sipping a skinny mocha, I looked out over the car park, watching families arriving and leaving.
    • Everyone tells me I'm too skinny, but I say I'm not.
    • Is there no escape from skinny lattes and froth?
    • I didn't know then that one of my sisters had an eating disorder, that she in her skinny body, hated herself as much as I did.
    • He could do many, many things, although he was small and skinny for his age.
    • Our more cosseted generation is more likely to spend its Saturday afternoons sipping skinny lattes in city centre coffee bars.
    • I like skinny boys with dark hair too.
    • Some of us even want a skinny mocha decaff latte with a twist.
    • These are the concerns that skinny people never have to think about.
    • He was fairly skinny with grey hair and a bald patch at the very top of his head.
    • She sees skinny people on TV and in magazines and wants to look like them, but getting there is beyond her.
    • A GM double-decaff skinny latte will not be available for several years.
    • Despite MTV, skinny lattes and text-messaging, third millennium Tarry Flynns do emerge.
    • Here, have some bread, have some cheese, don't be so skinny.
    • Is Hallie still trying to make herself skinny?
    • A very skinny girl wandered in silently a few seconds later.
    • Ten years ago we didn't just hang out in coffee bars, paying more for a skinny cappuccino than we did for real drinks.
    • I know your music isn't much chop but you're a nice girl, and I'd gladly shout you a skinny decaf latte.
    • I think it's ridiculous that they have to be so skinny.
    • Parson wondered if Ryder would get mad if he gave her some food, she looked awfully skinny.
    • He's a really skinny guy, but man, can he eat.
    • They gnaw on their own bones to make themselves skinny.
    • Among them was a very skinny, red-haired girl.
    • "I'm a vegan and I looked awfully skinny at one point, " she explains.
    • When they were forced by the scientists to gain weight, the skinny people still kept up their fidgety ways.
    • Instead, they're like some dangerous cult, full of bow-legged, wiry weirdos in garish outfits, fuelled on sour dough toast and skinny latte.
    • The daughter of an Aberdeen oilman, you could imagine her drinking skinny lattes over a copy of Vogue.
    • She had blonde hair, green eyes, and was extremely tall and skinny for her age.