Translation of skintight in Spanish:


muy ceñido, adj.

Pronunciation /skɪnˈtʌɪt//ˈskɪntaɪt/


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    muy ceñido
    muy ajustado
    • On his upper body he wore a black, long sleeve, skintight shirt, and in his right hand he held a rapier.
    • And then she found that she couldn't zip up her skintight dress.
    • He looked down at his baby blue, skintight shirt, which was revealing his rippling muscles.
    • He was wearing another skintight shirt with red jeans, this time accessorized with purple hued sunglasses.
    • How many women do you know who wear seven inch heels, four foot wigs, and skintight dresses?
    • ‘There will be some girls in there that are nicely, stylishly dressed or in skintight clothing,’ Rich says glowingly.
    • Gabrielle threw her mother an angry look and looked at Soo Lin's skintight dress.
    • Ireland wear their usual green strip, while Cameroon line out in white shirts with black skintight sleeves and red shorts.
    • The suit was skintight, but not in an uncomfortable way.
    • A white man stepped through the door, wearing a black skintight suit and carrying an M4 assault carbine.
    • He has gold earrings, studded black leather wristbands, and a skintight black T-shirt and jeans.
    • Decked out in a matching set of black lingerie or skintight one piece, she gives guys not thrilled with things silicone filled a taste of ‘natural’ beauty.
    • The dress was skintight, went down to the floor and had many slits on the sides.
    • She wore the skintight suit under a doctor's white coat and pants.
    • A guy with a skintight suit and race-car helmet appeared.
    • She had a skintight shirt on and very low cut shorts.
    • Often, I had wondered how people like Shawna fit into their skintight clothing and now I knew first hand.
    • A blue skintight shirt was covered by a white oriental style tunic.
    • They'd walk up to change shifts looking the business in Ray-Bans, stretched skintight trousers, gleaming helmets and high boots.
    • The girl climbed out and glanced briefly up at us before focusing on adjusting her skintight skirt.