Translation of skirmish in Spanish:


escaramuza, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈskəːmɪʃ//ˈskərmɪʃ/



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    escaramuza feminine
    refriega feminine
    • Commissioned a lieutenant colonel in 1754, he fought the first skirmishes of what grew into the French and Indian War.
    • No, this won't be a naval skirmish with some oppressive foreign dictator.
    • Now, in five years, there have been no provocations save one, a naval skirmish in 2002.
    • Occasional skirmishes continued over the border during the 1980s, with over 1,000 people being killed.
    • For three years it has been negotiating peace with Manila, all the while keeping up skirmishes against the national army.
    • Relations with Israel have long been contentious and border skirmishes are fought periodically between the two nations.
    • Fix the enemy in place using skirmishes, artillery, feints, and demonstrations while probing his lines.
    • A skirmish broke out after troops ran across a boat belonging to the rebels.
    • The key now is to tune out the ‘white noise’ and stop fighting the daily skirmishes of the last war.
    • The skirmishes fought by the Gäian Retributors were bloody and their terrorist actions vicious.
    • There were only a few minor skirmishes left, but they were quickly being ended.
    • The Marines who let me through the skirmish line filed their reports on Booth's death.
    • Yon describes a full month of bloody skirmishes in the streets of Mosul, complete with body counts.
    • McClernand reputably organized and led his brigade, division, and finally, corps in skirmishes and battles of the Western Theater.
    • In a few cases, their battles have been won, in others they were fighting the initial skirmishes of later battles.
    • Both on its advance and retreat, Jacobites fought skirmishes at Clifton, in the Eden valley.
    • The Constitutional Court's decision is only a skirmish in the broader battle between the executive and the judiciary.
    • Whites fought frequent wars and skirmishes through the later nineteenth century as they pushed into Native Americans' lands.
    • Such incidents may seem minor, but they represent skirmishes in a larger battle.
    • They do not seek a decisive battle, and they prefer to engage in raids, skirmishes, and ambushes.

intransitive verb

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    demonstrators skirmished with the police hubo escaramuzas / refriegas entre los manifestantes y la policía