Translation of skirt in Spanish:


falda, n.

Pronunciation /skəːt//skərt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(garment)

      falda feminine
      pollera feminine Southern Cone
      • Damien felt himself staring, she was wearing a short pleated denim skirt and her bikini.
      • I had on a knee-length faded jean skirt with a red halter top.
      • As she stepped out of the room, her hoop skirt swishing slightly, she ran into Drew.
      • She smoothed her plaid skirt, adjusting any wrinkles or valleys that had been created.
      • At the sound of the girls' skirts rustling, the men gave a start and began expressing their disapproval.
      • I normally wear plaid skirts with a plain white blouse.
      • Claire stepped into her short pleated denim skirt that she had altered herself.
      • She pulled on her pink leather skirt with a white shirt and rooted around for her shoes.
      • I wore a short black leather skirt and a spaghetti strap tank top.
      • Her flowing skirt was hiked up in back with just a hint of a bustle.
      • After a swim, put on the wrap skirt over your bikini or swim suit, and go for a drink.
      • She glanced down at her knee-length blue denim skirt and long white sweater, and sighed.
      • Madison straightened out her black mini skirt and matching camisole and exited the car.
      • Jean tries to keep her patience by smoothing her suede leather skirt.
      • Chelsea ended up in a black pleated mini skirt with a tight red shirt that tied around the back.
      • The tiered A-line skirt will attract your cabana boy's attention without the need for finger snapping.
      • I straightened my blue jean skirt, and raised my hand to knock on the door, when it opened.
      • Sighing, she straighten out her mini white skirt before turning around.
      • She basically always wore an ankle length khaki skirt and a pale green sweater that always accentuated her hazel eyes.
      • She was wearing a knee-length dark blue jean skirt with a front slit and a blue backless top.

    • 1.2

      (of dress) falda feminine
      (of dress) pollera feminine Southern Cone
      (of jacket) faldón masculine
      • Amelia wore pretty dresses with full skirts and small waists with short jackets and fanned pumps.
      • She smoothed out the long skirt of her gown and waited for Thomas to stand.
      • I pulled the skirt of my dress back down, readjusted the bodice so that it wasn't so twisted.
      • Her tunic hung loosely around her as she adjusted her long skirt around her waist.
      • When I stand my hands rest on the netted skirt of the gown.
      • It was a sleeveless dress and the skirt was long and flowing.
      • It's a blue-grey tulle dress with a sequins-spattered skirt and sheer camisole top.
      • She grabbed the flint out of the pocket of her trousers and slipped it into the small pocket in the skirt of her dress after giving her sister a hug.
      • The dress had a beautiful A line skirt and a strapless bodice that had dark pink beaded designs on it.
      • The bodice hugged my form and the skirt flared to give me enough room to run.
      • Her cerise dress had narrow skirts and large, puffed sleeves.
      • She was dressed in a style I had only seen in old portraits, a stiff black dress with flaring skirts and a lace-ornamented stomacher.
      • Amy adjusted Sara's coat over the skirt of her blue dress before turning for the scarf.
      • Then there are these gorgeous gorgeous heavenly dresses with their flowing skirts and soft dove grey colors.
      • The lapels of the coat extend beyond the skirt, and halt at my mid-shin.
      • I adjusted the skirt of my green gown.
      • The full length skirt of the dress flowed out, brushing the floor.

  • 2slang

    a skirt/ bit of skirt una pollera Southern Cone
    • to chase skirts /skirt andar detrás de las faldas
    • He was chasing skirt and snorting booze, hoovering up every kind of sin and excess he could lay his gauntlets on.
    • He was here, with her this very instant, and he wasn't leaving to go chase some skirt.
    • No, he was a skirt chaser of the worse kind.
    • Dad told me you were quite a skirt chaser when you were in high school.
  • 3British

    (cut of beef)
    falda feminine
    matambre masculine River Plate

transitive verb

  • 1

    (run alongside)
    (town/mountain/forest) bordear
    the road skirts the lake la carretera bordea el lago
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