Translation of skulk in Spanish:


Pronunciation /skʌlk//skəlk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I saw him skulking in the background lo vi al fondo, tratando de pasar desapercibido
    • what are you doing skulking around in here? ¿qué haces merodeando por aquí?
    • he's skulked off to the barn se ha ido a esconder al granero
    • It looked to be another clear day, so he'd spend most of it outside, skulking about the forest as usual.
    • From that came all the images of some upper-class fellow in a top hat and cape skulking through foggy gaslit Whitechapel.
    • While Barbara stays up in the clocktower tracking crime on the web, Helena skulks through the dark New Gotham nights kicking villainous butt.
    • I threw my bag down by the door and skulked off into the kitchen.
    • She spent some time skulking off behind barns for a smoke: ‘Yeah, and nicking fags off Dad.’
    • Although Paul Walker is the ‘star,’ we can see a couple of half-decent character actors skulking through the works here and there.
    • While the others slept peacefully, I was slinking and skulking around in the dark.
    • I strode out of the room, and slammed the door, before skulking off upstairs again.
    • She didn't go skulking around behind your back.
    • The Bat skulked away and has lived in dark corners and holes ever since, never showing himself except in the near dark of latening twilight.
    • In recent weeks some shady looking characters have been seen skulking around the Dunamaise Theatre at night.
    • The only element Kurtzman adds to shape the events is drama, which serves to tease out the absurdity skulking just below the romantic surface.
    • If skulking losers can kill 90 people, imagine what they can accomplish if this emboldens them and they are no longer skulking.
    • Rather, Robertson, skulking ahead, has now downgraded his earlier call to murder and mayhem to mere kidnapping.
    • Matt and Ken wonder why they ever left Czechoslovakia, where all they had to worry about was the odd Vampire skulking about.
    • And, of course, there are all these people wringing their hands and skulking around in the back. [Laughs.]
    • She hissed, and skulked into her bedroom, closing and locking the door behind her.
    • The problem with shooting over at Bellevue is that there are a lot of borderline psych cases skulking around.
    • Across the road I noticed some youths skulking around.
    • I'm too busy taking photos of myself, skulking around NZD, and considering how names like Aethelbald are parental cruelty.