Translation of skull in Spanish:


cráneo, n.

Pronunciation /skəl//skʌl/


  • 1

    cráneo masculine
    • Dull pain throbbed in the back of her head where her skull had collided with the shatterproof glass.
    • Her thoughts ran around in her head, pounding her skull.
    • It was a quick, sharp pain in the back of his head from inside his skull.
    • Feeling the headache come from within her skull, she headed to the water basin and splashed some water on her face.
    • But here's the rub: each contestant is given just eight hours to cram their skull with their opponents' specialised subject.
    • But light sears in, and I shudder, my entire body retching in the pain of my head and my skull.
    • I put my hands behind my head to prop my skull up so I had a clear view of the ocean.
    • She put the emphasis on the negative, hoping it would penetrate their thick skulls.
    • Thoughts chased one another through my head until my skull ached from their haphazard flights.
    • I felt its claws sink in my skull and shifted my head to look at it.
    • His head throbbed against his skull, and he closed his eyes again, the light of the room making the migraine worse.
    • Drake closed his eyes tightly as the voice in his head reverberated around his skull.
    • He also told a male that the lump on his head was his skull.
    • Ethan put a hand slowly to his head, feeling his skull.
    • History, being his subject, he crammed into their skulls time and time again, getting frustrated that they never remembered it.
    • The sound vibrations reverberate in the skull and heads towards the ear, where, we are assured, the diver can hear the conversation perfectly well.
    • Soon after, she felt another something hard smack into her skull, making her head pound and spin.
    • Flora pounded her fists into her skull and shook her head.
    • She sat up swiftly from the floor but found that her neck was very sore and her head pounded beneath her skull.
    • She dodged the flying body and kicked Lars hard enough to crush his skull.