Translation of skunk in Spanish:


mofeta, n.

Pronunciation /skəŋk//skʌŋk/


  • 1

    mofeta feminine
    zorrillo masculine Latin America
    zorrino masculine Southern Cone
    mapurite masculine Venezuela Central America
    • Something about it was not what I'm used to, but it still smelled like skunk.
    • She laughed and laughed while father told her about the time he got sprayed by a skunk.
    • He also can't smell skunk so I'm not sure what I expect.
    • At birth, baby striped skunks are blind, deaf, and extremely immature.
    • Like that amorous skunk Pepé Le Pew, you're determined to make a luscious someone yours, even if she thinks you're stinky.
    • Then again, does the smell of a skunk's spray necessarily follow the skunk out of the room?
    • The weasel family includes such colourful characters as otters, wolverines, skunks, minks and badgers.
    • The spray from a skunk will not cause permanent blindness.
    • All kinds of critters like to dine on poultry, including raccoons, skunks, opossums, weasels, foxes, coyotes, dogs and feral cats.
    • Striped skunks sometimes eat crops and raid chicken pens, though this is rare.
    • Striped skunks use scent marking to communicate presence and reproductive state to other skunks.
    • The thought of a bar on a Saturday night was as appealing as a dead skunk.
    • Burrows are also often shared with other mammals such as rabbits, skunks and possums.
    • Outside there would be the pervasive odor of skunk.
    • There is only a dead skunk where water on road would be.
    • The number of rabid skunks documented in Texas was relatively low through the 1990s.
    • No, I lived in the city, and I knew the smell of skunk quite well.
    • They can be shot or trapped or otherwise killed as a nuisance animal, like gophers, skunks or weasels, Holsten said.
    • There was, it turned out, a dead, bloated skunk trapped just beneath one of the storm sewer grates in the alley next to our house.
  • 2informal

    (unpleasant person)
    canalla feminine
    • He's a wily, nefarious skunk, is what he is, gang.
    • I smoke high quality hybrid cannabis like skunk, northern lights and purple haze.
    • They introduced a new kind of cannabis class A skunk.
    • Officers entered the room and discovered a small quantity of skunk in a plastic bag, in Crook's jacket pocket, which was hung over a chair.
    • ‘It's some of the best skunk around - it'll blow your head off,’ he said.
    • I got some arranging to do and we don't want that skunk to know we smell him yet.
    • I can't believe that stinky skunk hung up on me!
    • This was one of the largest skunk cannabis factories ever discovered in mainland UK.
    • Some talk as if you were the skunk at the garden party.
    • Officers then searched his home and found seven bags of skunk cannabis and cocaine weighing 18.1g.
    • You'll send a guy with a stud in his tongue and a bag of skunk in his back pocket to talk to them.
    • After their arrest eight days later, they said they had taken cocaine, cannabis skunk and alcohol before the robbery.
    • A former fugitive accused of bankrolling a massive skunk cannabis factory at an airfield near Selby has pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cannabis.
    • Someone asked me for two pounds, in exchange for which he would provide me with a bit of skunk.
    • She noticed several years ago that drawing on strong Jamaican skunk suddenly and temporarily enabled her to see things clearly.
  • 3slang

    (variety of cannabis)
    skunk feminine

transitive verb


  • 1

    darle una paliza a informal
    hacer papilla informal
    • After that, we went to play a round of pool so that I could redeem myself, and we both thought for a bit that I was going to skunk him.
    • We don't always get skunked on these expeditions.
    • If weather skunked our 14-day road trip, we would at least hit the most spectacular ski area in Canada.
    • Been skunked a few times this year, even though you used your favorite rod, went to your super-secret spot and wore your lucky underwear?
    • Just as Lola was about to skunk Sherice with her peg points the doorbell rang.
    • When I got to the gate I found all of the outlets already in use - skunked again!