Translation of skyline in Spanish:


línea del horizonte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskaɪˌlaɪn//ˈskʌɪlʌɪn/


  • 1

    línea del horizonte feminine
    horizonte masculine
  • 2

    (of city)
    the Manhattan skyline los edificios de Manhattan recortados / perfilados contra el horizonte
    • Buildings like these have already changed skylines from London to Hong Kong.
    • I looked over the edge and gazed at the New York City skyline in the distance.
    • Anybody who knows Auckland will know that the city skyline is dominated by the Sky Tower.
    • The second backdrop showed the Wall Street skyline at night.
    • The towers are out front, with the rest of the New York skyline in the background.
    • We all looked up to see the New York skyline in the distance.
    • Behind Steve is a snazzy backdrop of the Vancouver skyline at night.
    • The result has transformed the skyline of Frankfurt.
    • In many towns they fill out the skyline, along with the church and the water tower.
    • The Japanese Garden on the grounds provides a perfect view of the downtown skyline.
    • I couldn't help smiling when I saw the night skyline of New York.
    • The night-time skyline of downtown San Francisco looked nearly as ablaze as ever as the weekend started.
    • Temples and palaces punctuated the skyline seemingly at random.
    • The population is dominated by farmers, and the skyline is dotted with silos.
    • The skyline is dotted with towering cranes, hovering like hawks.
    • Blue lights illuminated the entire skyline, making the city look even more majestic.
    • The jagged skyline of the Santa Catalina Mountains seemed to rise just beyond the traffic.
    • Now if I walk to the other side of the office, the broadcast tower would grace that northerly skyline.
    • The large windows overlooked the skyline, which was overcast with black clouds.
    • The urban skyline rises above trees in the distance, though it might as well be 50 miles away.