Translation of skyward in Spanish:


hacia el cielo, adv.

(British skywards)

Pronunciation /ˈskaɪwərd//ˈskʌɪwəd/


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    hacia el cielo
    • We made our way past the little lake, stocked with dead trees, their branches reaching skywards through leftover mist.
    • Doubling curves are nearly flat for a long time, then voom, they take off skywards in a hot second.
    • Sodden and anxious, riverbank dwellers gazed skywards as the heavens opened.
    • Unexpectedly, out of instinct, I suppose, his gaze turned skywards.
    • And the euro, which had been in virtual free-fall, leapt skywards.
    • Taiyou embraced the girl for a few moments, turning her head skywards towards the Eternal Star.
    • He looked skywards, imploring silently to the heavens above, hoping for divine inspiration.
    • Reporters, microphones in hand, gazed skywards.
    • The two-inch high flower appears to have a thumb and three fingers, one pointing skywards.
    • I looked skywards and enquired loudly of The Man who gives us such weather: ‘Is this some kind of sick joke?’
    • Thousands of visitors craned their necks skywards to watch skilful displays by the owners of the painstakingly-built giant model aircraft.
    • Later on, as she was making dinner, she paused mid-stir with the wooden spatula deep into the Quorn mince and looked wistfully skywards.
    • The steep slopes of the valley floor rise majestically skywards to provide the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    • I rose skywards like a water-moth for the sun, emerged and strapped on my diving gear for my next oceanic clear-cut.
    • Achaeus gazed skywards, hoping to ingrain the images into his memory forever.
    • After the US invasion of Kuwait in 1990, prices shot skywards.
    • Wages raced skywards as companies fought to retain staff.
    • The burst of flash illuminates a mass of arms raised, index fingers and little fingers pointing skywards, in the time-honoured rock salute.
    • For as his hind legs collapsed beneath him he seemed to tower upwards like a huge rock toppling, his trunk reaching skywards like a tree.
    • First it seems to suffocate everything, then it dances skywards up the stage tower.