Translation of slab in Spanish:


losa, n.

Pronunciation /slæb//slab/


  • 1

    (of stone) losa feminine
    (of concrete) bloque masculine
    (of wood) tabla feminine
    (of cake, bread) pedazo masculine
    (grueso) (of cake, bread) trozo masculine
    a marble slab una placa de mármol
    • a slab of chocolate una tableta de chocolate
    • Concrete paving slabs, available from the big DIY chains, can look almost as good as the real thing.
    • Hot and cold running water leads to a newly enameled green tub set on a thick stone slab.
    • Stone slabs were removed and the footpaths were cemented.
    • The heavy slabs laid to cover drains along the tracks hinder cleaning and have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
    • The accompanying mushrooms and salad were the perfect complement to the huge slab of meat.
    • The panels form 5-inch-wide concrete joists integral with the floor slab.
    • The weight of the chair back is equivalent to two paving slabs.
    • Between killings Uzi wolfed down enormous slabs of apple pie and chocolate mousse cake.
    • This is where we met them, crawling out of timber slab houses.
    • The court heard that Mr Baker was injured when marble slabs fell on him.
    • There was raw chicken on a driftwood slab for this farewell meal too.
    • Water flows through radiant tubes in floor slabs for both heating and cooling.
    • Massive concrete floor slabs provide thermal storage, collecting heat and giving it off again later on.
    • The entrance doors are huge wooden slabs, engraved in sign language by Durban craftspeople, depicting the 27 themes of the Bill of Rights.
    • Stuff it into a red bell pepper instead of sandwiching it between two slabs of Wonder bread.
    • Slabs of beef like that wouldn't even get us publicity.
    • She swung the large slab of mahogany open to rest her eyes upon Marcus.
    • The frittata roll is also divine: a squidgy herby omelette sitting between two slabs of bread or in a roll is the stuff of dreams.
    • Rev stood in a dark stone room with a large rectangular slab of metal hanging close to the ground.
    • The walled back garden is laid in concrete paving slabs with flowerbeds in the border.
    • There is something utterly indulgent, delicious and satisfying about a slab of chocolate cake.
    • Many of the stone paving slabs are 200 years old and too expensive for Leeds City Council to replace.
    • Huge slabs of raw meat were roasting slowly within the scorching flames.
    • It has been carved from a massive slab of marble.
    • My brother went for the burger option, an impressively thick slab of meat accompanied by chunky, tasty chips.
    • There were also dense slabs of chocolate fondant, and an apple croustade with a light, frilly crust that melted to butter in your mouth.
    • Vermont researcher Bernd Heinrich once watched a wild raven trying to carve out a piece of the action from a huge slab of suet.
    • Plastic bags and clothes lay beside the washing slabs, seemingly abandoned.
    • She placed the cake on the table and watched the heat rise from the dark slab of deliciousness.
    • Now we were before the great hall itself, and I looked up at timber walls made of slabs of oak four times my height.
    • My lunch consisted of bread and cheese, two small slabs of beef and two apples and water, all of which I shared with Khalon.
    • The well-used copper utensils, heavy slab of salmon and a lemon almost suspended at the table edge each play their own unostentatious part in this scene.
    • The doors yawned open in front of them, the heavy, wooden slabs teasing her with memories of the hell that lay inside.
    • James bobbed up first, treading water and grasping for a sizable slab of lumber.
    • On their shoulders, they tote a 100-pound slab of wood.
    • I saw her face, cold as stone and heavy as a marble slab.
    • On the ground he will place a granite slab recording the building's history.
    • On slabs with waterproof finishes, problems start to develop when the relative humidity climbs above 87%.
    • A sound much like knocking on a slab of wood reached my ears.
    • He threw the last slab of wood on Mr. Garvey's buggy.
    • A concrete slab on grade or floor is going to crack.
    • Between slabs of bread the crispness was tolerable.
    • Perhaps - unlike you - she declined that great big slab of delicious chocolate cake.
    • The female lead had the sizzle and smolder of a cold slab of butter, too.
    • There he tipped the lot onto a cement slab and stepped back smartly.
    • She couldn't see through them, because they had been boarded up on one side with a massive slab of mahogany.
    • He pushed it and the next sound heard was of two marble slabs being rubbed together.
    • We enjoyed it with a slab of delicious chocolate cake.
    • A tender, gently cooked slab of pork is lightly crusted in nuts and herbs.
    • The mussels bathe in a chilli and wine concoction, perfect for dipping the slabs of brown bread that accompany the meals.
    • At the Tileco warehouse they have all these precut granite slabs held together with heavy straps.
  • 2informal

    (in mortuary)
    the slab la mesa de autopsias
    • He approached the body lying on the slab in the middle of the room and pulled back the sheet.
    • Winner gets a free slab of beer and all the pies that they can eat.
    • We know who is going to be in the back of the ambulance, or indeed on the slab in our mortuaries.
    • Looking up into the powerful overhead lights and feeling the cold slab under me, I knew I had it coming.
    • Some churches are as warm and inviting as a mortuary slab.
    • Slowly, holding her breath, feeling her stomach turn with bleak expectations, she walked across the room to the operating slab.
    • Whiteread cast them from two mortuary slabs which she had bought from a salvage yard in Hackney.
    • He turns on the light and walks to the body of the old man laying on the slab.
    • The great doors swung open, and there upon an embalming slab lay her battered body.
    • There were hundreds, if not thousands, of megalitres being traded for one slab of beer.
    • Load up the ute with two spare tyres and a few slabs of beer, we're off on a virtual road trip through the history of life.
    • She begins to experiment, creating casts of mortuary slabs as well as mundane household objects.
    • Many bones then languish in climate-controlled storage, on steel slabs like mortuaries, waiting once again.
    • All lines of analysis run through, from, and back to the body on a slab.