Translation of slag in Spanish:


escoria, n.

Pronunciation /slaɡ//slæɡ/


  • 1

    (waste matter)
    escoria feminine
    Mining escombro masculine
    Mining escoria feminine
    Geology escoria feminine
    • The increasing size of the slag pile poses an ongoing threat to the richest remaining prairie site.
    • The hardened matter was slag, a waste product from metal working, and contained evidence of iron, copper and lead manufacture.
    • Blast furnaces are used to recycle slag, dross, and residues from other processes.
    • Two recycled cementitious materials come to mind immediately - fly ash and slag cement.
    • In particular, tuyeres in the furnace became blocked with slag.
    • "Oh, it used to be a slag heap, " John said.
    • The waste product slag was also increasingly used in road and house building.
    • The road is unusually constructed of compacted iron slag.
    • This artificial uranium mine is contained in the slag material from power station coal combustion and deposited in landfills.
    • The concentrates are refined by smelting - they are melted, and the impurities are removed as a slag.
    • Tell me about Lehigh's interest in supplemental materials, like slag cement.
    • Thirdly, reduce the clinker content in cement, by intergrinding cementious material like slag, fly ash, or limestone.
    • By contrast, the lunar regolith ‘has a composition similar to mining slag.’
    • The blasts shot towards the small shielded orb and reduced the metal to molten slag.
    • It is usually caused by the scouring action of sand, gravel, slag, earth, and other gritty material.
    • The difference in densities of the molten iron and molten slag allow each material to be removed separately from the furnace.
    • Under suitable slag conditions vanadium, in quite small quantities, ‘cleans’ the steel and renders it free from slag inclusions.
    • Some people had even died in slag slides, picking loose bits of coal in order to keep their homes heated.
    • The union has leveled 15 separate charges against Levy, a contractor at Mittal Steel USA, which performs slag processing and metal reclamation.
    • It was a more rustic and northern version of Detroit with escarpments of slag and iron ore.
    • There were areas of bare rock and slag, which were around old gold mines, according to the naturalist.
    • Kerosene has been used to light pyres constructed of coal slag, old tyres and tar-soaked rail sleepers.
    • In highly developed countries, the major components of industrial waste are blast furnace and steel slag, and power station ash.
    • Mineral fiber insulation, including fiber glass and rock wool, is produced from either molten glass, slag, or rock.
    • Piles of black slag marked the entrances to small coal mines.
    • Ground granulated blast furnace slag is used in 53 % of councils in NSW and 23 % in VIC.
    • Ores, slag and ash exports during the first seven months amounted to $644 million, up 77 per cent over the same period last year.
    • Vincent snorted, and turned the doorknob into molten slag once it had swung shut again.
    • The stats and history of this limestone slag heap are impressive in their own right.
    • I watched, slightly shocked, as molten metal slag fell onto the glass, steaming.
    • We started making turns around the slag piles at the mine.
  • 2British derogatory, slang

    (promiscuous woman)
    putilla feminine informal derogatory
    fulana feminine informal derogatory
    pingo masculine Spain informal derogatory
    • Not so many slags frequent this public house anymore - each time we go in there the ratio of men to women is rising.
    • The place was full of big bellied old West Ham supporters, complete with navy tattoos with the fat slags from Viz in tow.
    • Alastair's so used to working in a serious environment, he couldn't believe fellas were coming at him with slags.
    • But as soon as a women starts to pick and choose who she sleeps with she gets called a slag.
    • I created it especially to deal with nosey slags like you!
    • Boys continued to make the same distinction between prospective wives and slags.
    • The women are slags, either scrawny with straggly blonde hair, or grotesquely fat and bulging out of their tracksuit bottoms.
    • She told him Trev had called her a dirty slag after their drink the other night and had refused to sleep with her.
    • If you look beyond the dehumanising stereotypes to the hard facts, it emerges that females in jail are not conniving slags.