Translation of slag heap in Spanish:

slag heap

escorial, n.


  • 1

    escorial masculine
    escombrera feminine
    • It's cheap, if you're subsidising nuclear power to the hilt, and frankly we have whole slag heaps of it to dump.
    • They rushed up and down the slag heaps at Capper and messed about on motorcycles on the dirt tracks.
    • From the top of a local slag heap you could count 200 factory chimneys, which were incredible really.
    • If you want cheap, you have to find it on the slag heap.
    • The stats and history of this limestone slag heap are impressive in their own right.
    • I'll put up pictures of the slag heaps, smokestacks and mysterious pond of what appears to be liquid later.
    • There were also, of course, slag heaps and derelict land, palls of smoke, and polluted rivers.
    • The authority's archaeologists have since found evidence of the bloomery forge, a dam, a wheelpit, and slag heaps.
    • Standing on the flattened slag heap that served as the rocket launch site, he proudly sports a baseball cap emblazoned Rocket Boys Dad.
    • In this play, the set also represents the urban slag heap of life, derelict it would seem except that it's not derelict.
    • In 1966, a slag heap collapsed and engulfed a primary school in Aberfan, killing 144 people, including 116 children.
    • There is also an enormous slag heap stretching 4 kilometres that blows dust and leaches toxins when it rains.
    • This century has become synonymous with smoking chimneys, slag heaps, rubbish tips, illegal dumps and ‘contaminated land’.
    • There was a time when the most exotic thing you were likely to come across in the kingdom was a slag heap.
    • Others dig on the slag heaps of the now-shut collieries looking for lumps of coal.
    • ‘These slag heaps scar and mar the landscape, and pollute the water,’ Rendell says.
    • It's a remarkable turnaround for what was little more than a gathering of slag heaps.
    • Before Jenny could blow the access hatch off, it melted away into a slag heap, courtesy of the Fire-Twins.
    • He came from Pontefract and said there was a similar problem there with houses around slag heaps.
    • There is too much bad history whistling through the old slag heaps and neglected estates of Sheffield.