Translation of slap in Spanish:


Pronunciation /slap//slæp/

transitive verbslapped, slapping

  • 1

    • 1.1(hit)

      to slap sb (on face) pegarle / darle una bofetada a algn
      • I drew near and he began to slap me in my face and ears with his sopping wet hands.
      • Aaron and Adam had begun slapping each other on the cheek with one hand while the other punched the other one in the arm.
      • Shane and Caith had begun to slap one another on the crown, as opposed to smoothing the other's hair.
      • She claims she has been slapped, punched and called names on the way to school.
      • Kameko jumped on top on Turk and began to slap him.
      • She shot me a fierce look as I began slapping her rapidly.
      • Dymphna's spine stiffened and she had to force herself not to strike out and slap him.
      • The women then began slapping Tahir and pushing him forward toward the police and security troops, who proceeded to capture him.
      • Kaia yelled, then grabbed Kurono by the neck and began slapping him.
      • When she saw that they were most definitely not headed home, she began slapping him and making angry sounds.
      • Julianna shouted, standing up and slapping her palms down flat on her desk.
      • The boy smirked and reached out his palm, which was slapped extremely hard by the rest of his gang.
      • A traffic cop pounced on them and, screaming abuses, began slapping one of the men, who could not even shield himself for fear that the cart would go out of control.
      • I brought up my hand, either to punch her or to slap her, but she stepped back.
      • Finally I began to gently slap him in the face in an attempt to wake him up.
      • After I'd almost recovered, he dragged me out of bed and began slapping me.
      • Alexis turned back to Fred and began slapping him lightly on the cheek.
      • Without thinking, Colget leapt over the seat, bumping the steering wheel with his foot as he did so, and began slapping Gregor in the face.
      • I hit her hard into the face causing her to jump on to me and begin slapping me, her hand had my hair and was slamming me into the ground.
      • When I visit Croatia, some of my friends, in conversation, keep touching my shoulder and my biceps, and if we sit down, they slap me on the knee.

    • 1.2

      (ball) darle a
      • You could hear the sounds of the water slapping as it rippled on the shore.
      • As I finally drifted off to sleep on my tiny bunk to the sound of waves slapping gently against the boat and the occasional mysterious creak, I wondered how I'd ever remember it all.
      • I like the feel of the sand between my toes, the warmth of the sun on my back, and the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves slapping against the shore.
      • As she made her slow journey across the room, she heard the faint sound of bare flesh slapping against the stone tile.
      • The tide slapped against the dock wall, and seagulls croaked as they bobbed on the waves, or flew above their heads.
      • The sound of feet slapping against the pavement echoed around me, ringing in my ears.
      • The ripples silently hit the tub before crashing waves slapped against the metal sides.
      • The sound of fins slapping against the water can be just as terrifying as low-pitched violin notes.
      • The trees bowed against the force of the wind, and leaves slapped against the outside of the window.
      • He had heard something go bang in the night - followed by what seemed to be the sound of a metal spoon slapping onto pink flesh.
      • Her shoes slapped against the cracked sidewalk over and over as she walked stiffly.
      • The wrapper flew off, carried by its momentum, and slapped against the wall ten feet to my right.
      • Sweat soon coated her forehead and slicked her arms as her skin slapped against the skin of strangers.
      • A few days later, William was snapped to attention by the sound of a magazine slapping on the coffee table in front of him.
      • Vix hurried behind him, wincing at the sound of their boots slapping against the hard metallic floor, and hoped that she could keep up with him.
      • Her black sketcher school regulation shoes slapped against the pavement as she ran.
      • We stood there silently for a few minutes, only the sound of the waves gently slapping against the boat could be heard.
      • My exposed feet slapped against the smooth steel floor as I moved across the platforms.
      • His hands slapped against the fur of her forearms, their low growls lost on the breeze.
      • This can be done using metal to sound like thunder, or meat slapped against a block to imitate a punch.

  • 2

    • 2.1(put with force)

      she slapped the contract down on the desk plantó el contrato en el escritorio informal
      • As she claimed to perform massage, butter was slapped over all of my sunburnt skin.
      • I slapped my copy in the CD player as soon as I got home from the pub last night, and cranked up the volume.
      • He quickly slapped it away and yelled at her to get the hell out of there.
      • If all you plan to do is slap on a coat of bottom paint and get your boat back in the water, consider how an engine failure or need for a tow could cut into your summer fun.
      • The girl took her hand off my mouth and quickly slapped a strip of duct tape over it.
      • He pulled a glob of scum from the bucket and slapped it across her mouth; it spread to cover the lower half of her face like a gag.
      • It's not like a sports massage, where they really get the elbows and thumbs in; in a spa, they just slap on some oil and rub your skin.
      • Hello, I've tried to understand what you're doing by slapping some example activities and technologies on a copy of your diagram.
      • I slap the tuna onto a cracker and pensively munch while examining the rest of the refrigerator.
      • So I will slap a bit around in the weekend, and we will see what everyone thinks.
      • Amanda's mother gasped, slapping her hand to her mouth, and quickly knelt down beside her.
      • Chris blinked, a bit of dry laughter seeping through his lips as he slapped a hand over his eyes.
      • ‘He slaps steak on to the grill, gulps from beer in one hand then attacks the meat with tongs in the other,’ he says.
      • What do you get when you take a standard computer case, slap on a nice paint job, and style the front a bit?
      • Megan quickly slapped her hand away from her mouth and gave her a reproving look.
      • Aurora felt something rise within her throat and she slapped a hand over her mouth quickly.
      • Normally, I would just slap on some lipstick and put on the first article of clothing I saw.
      • Ignore toothpaste and other items of ‘oral care’, ignore medicines and tablets, and ignore things that you only slap on occasionally.
      • A group of little girls slap makeup on a friend and make her the bride in a make believe wedding.
      • He had slapped a hard copy of his warrant on the clerk's desk as soon as he had entered.

    • 2.2(put, apply carelessly)

      she slapped the food onto my plate me tiró la comida en el plato
      • he slapped some paint on it le dio una mano de pintura rápidamente
      • slap on lots of butter échale / ponle bastante mantequilla
      • she slapped cream all over her face se embadurnó la cara de crema

    • 2.3informal (impose)

      to slap sth on sb/sth
      • they slapped another 5% on the price le encajaron un 5% de aumento al precio
      • they slapped on a massive surcharge hicieron un recargo brutal
      • to slap sb with sth
      • we've been slapped with a large fine nos han encajado / metido un multazo
      • The parking wardens have no problem and are very quick at slapping fines on people who park illegally around Portlaoise.
      • The Optical Council slapped its harshest sanction on its member and struck his name from the register.
      • School chiefs in Swindon have been told to slap fines on parents or even put them in jail if their children play truant from school.
      • The Corporation is, in fact, contemplating of slapping fines on those who refuse to take up the rainwater harvesting.
      • The get tough stance comes just a few weeks after parking attendants in the town were criticised for slapping fines on coaches picking up children from a Christmas pantomime.
      • If we dare to not be as accountable as they demand they will slap heavy fines on us.
      • Both were later freed after rebellion charges slapped against the two were dropped.
      • Earlier this year Ottawa unveiled a draft law that proposed slapping fines on those possessing small amounts of the drug.
      • The mum of a disabled boy today hit out at a parking warden who slapped a fine on their specially adapted car - because it overhung the bay.
      • Councillors have slapped a tree preservation order on parts of the old Turner's site.
      • Now, all it takes is a watchful sanitation worker to slap a fine on the offender.

intransitive verbslapped, slapping

  • 1



  • 1

    (on face)
    bofetada feminine
    cachetada feminine Latin America
    (on back, leg) palmada feminine
    to give sb a slap darle una bofetada a algn
    • to get a slap llevarse una cachetada
    • The prosecution accepted it was a slap rather than a punch and that Mr Bennett, suffered no visible injury.
    • We shuffled around and tried to revive him with slaps to his cheeks, some of us using more vigor than others, until he finally got up.
    • He hit the steering wheel with an angry slap of his palm.
    • Hartnett said he was pushed by Laurence, and hit back in self-defence with a single slap with the palm of his hand.
    • I thought of the slap on my cheek from the previous day, and was not surprised when I found a bruise had developed there.
    • Tony's mother stepped forward and delivered a quick slap to his cheek.
    • Her struggling and shrieking was met with deafening, stinging slaps to her cheeks, rendering her even more determined to be released from his death grip.
    • I marched up to her and gave her a stinging slap on the cheek.
    • Alyssa was hitting Jen's cheeks with light slaps and shaking her.
    • Delilah instinctively gives her mother a quick slap across the cheek.
    • I put a hand up to his face, and he stepped backwards, obviously expecting a slap, but I stroked his cheek.
    • A sharp slap on his right cheek brought him back to reality.
    • It wasn't a hard slap for there was barely any sound from that slap.
    • This was received with a giggle and a light slap on the cheek.
    • It was said that what began with little slaps ended in torture and murder.
    • Kella continued, finally sitting down, exhausted after he gave her light slaps on both cheeks.
    • Yugi cried out as she received a slap on her cheek.
    • He put enough of his wrist into it for a good slap with the flat of the blade, but it was only enough to leave a welt.
    • And when the two women finally trade physical blows, it descends into succession of slaps and upper cuts.
    • His knocks on her door, once strong and quick, were now reduced to tired, dull slaps of his palm against the wood.



  • 1

    the ball struck him slap in the face la pelota le dio en plena cara / de lleno en la cara
    • she walked slap into the tree se dio de narices contra el árbol
    • I arrived slap in the middle of the meeting llegué justo en plena reunión
    • But Easter fell slap in the middle of the 10-month hurricane season.
    • It appears the sticky-backed number which should have been attached to Luis' shorts came loose at the start, caught the wind and landed slap across his chops.
    • What happens when improving people's quality of life runs slap bang into environmental limits?
    • It lies eight miles in from the edge of the capital, slap under the final approach to Heathrow.
    • It takes us slap bang into the world of three very different young women as they explore their first forays into the world of physical love.
    • The only thing in favour of the Midland was that it was slap in the middle of town and a vastly more interesting building with rooms that were not meticulously square.