Translation of slapdash in Spanish:


chapucero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈslapdaʃ//ˈslæpˌdæʃ/


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    (work) chapucero informal
    • To some he appeared disorganized, slapdash, cheerful to the point of flippancy.
    • You'll learn even more from the slapdash, poorly edited, and boring sites.
    • Its factual jurisprudence is slapdash, sloppy, and, too often, supercilious.
    • And paintings too, lots of them, some beautiful, some bland, some clever, some featureless, some inspiring, some slapdash, some devotional, and some so dull that even I could have painted them.
    • She frowned at the messy handwriting and slapdash clump of phrases.
    • I know no poet who, even in quite slapdash poems, can provide more pleasant and provocative surprises.
    • But they have a slapdash quality that points to their function as performance pieces.
    • The special effects are pretty stunning - considerably better than in the first film - but the pacing is leaden, the characterisation pretty slapdash and threadbare and, well, it's still a bit long…
    • I want to begin by apologizing for all of the grammatical errors, slapdash reasoning, and sloppy writing in my recent posts.
    • Her comedy is at once over the top and facile - slapdash, violent, vulgar.
    • This slapdash approach to the recording and construction of an album possibly could be financially related.
    • It's a rather slapdash collection of ideas, but it makes some worthwhile, if loosely supported, points.
    • The slapdash concrete panel wall runs east-to-west along the 50-foot long border of our back garden.
    • However, a few years back, I finally saw the light, and vowed to change my slapdash approach to personal finance.
    • It was also callous, slapdash and neglectful of the interests of less secure and well paid workers.
    • The cut was slapdash and messy, but it was deep and had the desired effect.
    • This slapdash approach is already having adverse effects on Zambia, as would-be investors are not sure what the new Investment Act contains and will not put their money in unknown shadows.
    • The cavalier and slapdash approach to their documentation was not helpful in this regard.
    • The approach is old-fashioned, research slapdash, scholarship negligible, the judgments inane, the characterisation childish, the tone sick-makingly patriotic.
    • It also details insider hiring, slapdash dismissals of whistleblower complaints, staff reassignments to field offices and sudden departures by loyal and longtime staff members that have left the office crippled.