Translation of slaphead in Spanish:


pelón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈslaphɛd/


informal, derogatory

  • 1

    pelón masculine informal
    pelona feminine informal
    pelado masculine Southern Cone informal
    pelada feminine Southern Cone informal
    • Sadly, he'll be on his own, because the slaphead comic has decreed that none of his producers speak to him before, during or after the show.
    • I'm an overweight middle-aged, four eyed slaphead.
    • When faced with a tall hatchet-faced slaphead, the police will have to draw the only conclusion possible.
    • Eno carries off the slaphead look well, few people do.
    • The glare from Bobby's slaphead is dazzling me.
    • As I said, it is pretty silly stuff and a grown slaphead with a goatee and glasses like myself shouldn't be laughing along, but, hey, who cares?