Translation of slapstick in Spanish:


bufonadas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈslapstɪk//ˈslæpˌstɪk/


  • 1

    bufonadas feminine
    payasadas feminine
    before noun slapstick comedy astracanada feminine
    • As one expects of Elton, it's all done with slapstick humour, parody, irony and lots of absurd action.
    • It is a comedy with both slapstick and verbal humour.
    • Every joke in the film works for me, even the slapstick at the sidewalk cafe and the barge, and I'm not a big fan of physical comedy.
    • The film is billed as a sophisticated comedy that gleefully mixes slapstick humour, with something a little more grown-up for all viewers.
    • But it should not be reduced to something showing slapstick comedies and lewd jokes.
    • John giggled at the slapstick, not quite understanding what all of the fear in the air was about.
    • What follows from here is unbridled mawkishness interrupted by some slapstick comedy.
    • This satirical, slapstick comedy is a feel-good film that is effortless to watch.
    • Such typical comedy tricks such as speeding up the film, slapstick humor, and wacky looks are all present here.
    • This is aiming to be a sort of slapstick comedy but, as you say, it's very intermittent.
    • We are fed up of slapstick comedies and dialogues filled with double meaning.
    • Their happy laughter rang down the tunnel as they appreciated the irony, or failing that, the slapstick.
    • His movements, reactions and slapstick comedy were a treat to watch.
    • The script is dreadful - even the slapstick fails to raise a smile.
    • But a lot of the comedy is silly slapstick stuff, with people hitting each other with balloons and getting into fights.
    • A lack of imagination on the part of the writer, the director and the actors results in slapstick comedy and innuendoes in dialogues.
    • It would be funny, like one of the old silent slapsticks.
    • Families enjoyed the fun-filled evening of good music, slapstick comedy and all-around entertainment.
    • The tone, which veers from slapstick comedy to mawkish melodrama, is as volatile as nitroglycerine.
    • A series of slapstick events leave both penniless and on the run, where they form a grudging bond.