Translation of slate in Spanish:


pizarra, n.

Pronunciation /sleɪt//sleɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(rock)

      pizarra feminine
      (roof) (before noun) de pizarra
      (roof) (before noun) empizarrado
      • The most handsome and timeless of materials is stone such as marble, granite, limestone, or slate.
      • Glaciers have deposited shale, slate, schist, and limestone throughout the region.
      • By the mid-19th century there were 15 quarries working slate, flags, sandstone and limestone.
      • The fashion ads also incorporate stone, rock, water and slate for a textural feeling.
      • The floors are locally quarried slate, carried from the mountains on donkey back and hand-cut to fit tightly together in random patterns.
      • These extrusive rocks are tilted and rest unconformably upon metamorphosed limestone, shale, and slate.
      • New surfaces are made from chemical compounds and are designed to mimic granite, limestone, marble, slate, or soapstone.
      • Hodge Close was one of a group of green slate quarries in the Lake District that were worked from the mid-19th century.
      • The choices when it comes to real stone are generally traditional York stone, sandstone, limestone or slate.
      • The most resistant rocks are quartzite and quartz-rich sandstones, and tough fine-grained rocks such as slate.
      • But also consider some other bathroom floor options, like slate or marble, or even rubber tiles.
      • It includes a variety of rocks, such as basalt, granite, gneiss, quartzite, slate, and schist.
      • The smooth slate floor of the bottom level reflects the rough basalt on the pathway through a preserved grove of evergreens.
      • Beyond the kitchen is the family room, which has a cast-iron fireplace and quarry slate floor.
      • His study of occupational lung diseases included the pathology of workers exposed to coal, talc, slate, and kaolin.
      • The rural landscape and simple landforms have proved a great stimulus, and many of her pieces incorporate stone, slate or limestone.
      • Stone is just what its name implies: quarried slate, limestone, flagstone, granite, or marble.
      • With two floors of windows, natural wood, river rock and slate, it makes a perfect backdrop for the captivating view.
      • It consists of graphitic schist and slate, psammite, pelitic schist/gneiss and augen gneiss at structurally higher levels.
      • The first floor accommodation is completed by a spacious family bathroom with slate floor and rich green walls.

    • 1.2(roof tile)

      pizarra feminine
      • He said, ‘I remember a time when there was chicken wire pinned to the eaves to stop the slates falling on the children.’
      • A number of slates had come loose from the roof and crashed into the bushes.
      • Timber roof supports burnt away, causing large slates to fall into the building and the front of one of the flats to bulge.
      • A leaking roof can lead to damage on ceilings and walls, so it is important to replace loose or cracked slates, and get damaged material on flat roofs repaired.
      • They were mainly being asked to remove fallen trees or dangerous roof slates which had come loose and were a danger to the public.
      • He grabbed the peak of the roof as he fell full against the slates.
      • She dropped down onto the roof of the porch and caught her foot on a loose slate which crashed to the ground beneath her.
      • She said she feared loose slates and masonry could fall from the roof.
      • Check that your roof isn't missing any shingles, tiles, slates or nails.
      • It needs to be re-roofed, the slates are falling off and the building is rotting.
      • Roofing slates from the Delabole quarry have been used on several Adelaide buildings, including the Post Office, Town Hall, Museum and Adelaide University.
      • On the corner of the property was the coach house, still standing and with lots of charm - with a shingle roof, and wooden slates below the roof.
      • The council discovered that there were loose slates on the roof which would have fallen into the street without the gutter in place.
      • Among the demands made by the council are the painting of gable walls, plastering a brick chimney, and fixing loose slates.
      • While my friends were frightening themselves in the ghostly changing rooms, I found a stockpile of short, square roofing slates.
      • We appear to have inherited a number of problems with roofing tiles and slates which are not always fixed with the precision and detailing required by the manufacturers (number of fixings etc).
      • The floor tiles, roof slates and even the pottery that the monks used were also all French as were the coins, representing the dues that the monks collected for the benefit of their Mother House.
      • Elterwater slate dresser Clifford Barrow drew the crowds as he sliced through stone to produce 19-inch roofing slates, used on buildings across Britain.
      • Research carried out last year highlighted features such as village springs, stone roofing slates and sheep washes, which were often in a poor state of repair.
      • At least one criminal gang is targeting properties in Oldham and stealing items like roof slates, coping stones, flagstones and walls.

  • 2

    (for writing on)
    pizarra feminine
    to put sth on the slate apuntar algo en la cuenta
    • can you put it on the slate? ¿me lo apunta en la cuenta?
    • she had quite a lot on the slate at the corner shop debía bastante dinero en la tienda de la esquina
    • She is quite pleased with her knowledge about courts when she is able to pick out the jury, twelve animals and birds who are busy writing on their slates.
    • And the headmaster had to beg businesses to pay for books, slates and pencils because the school could not supply them.
    • Each of the boxes includes enough pencils, exercise books, slates and school bags for a class of up to 80 pupils.
    • Visitors can take their place at desks in three period classrooms and write on slates with chalk before progressing to dip pens and use exercise books to practise ornate copperplate writing.
    • Each kit contains enough equipment - including paints, pens, exercise books, chalks and slates - for 80 pupils for a month.
    • I remember writing on a slate and rubbing it off with a sponge, and learning to write using what was called a copybook.
    • The reverse of the gold 2,000 baht depicts in the center a Thai girl sitting and writing a script with a slate and a tray on the floor.
    • The youngsters sit on bare floors in two rooms, writing notes on slates as the teacher writes on a small chalkboard.
    • For homework, finish both sides of your slates, writing lower case E's.
    • I studied in a village school sitting on the floor and we wrote on slates.
    • Grandma looked up him, took a hold of her slate and wrote.
    • He began to write on the slate, the chalk moving up and down to form the letters of his answer.
    • Restored and resplendent, it opens its doors to visitors with handbags instead of schoolchildren swinging schoolbags full of slates, pencils and books.
    • Mac went to school when they wrote on slates and so did I. Mind you, Mac's posh school probably had paper and ink.
    • The colliery village's principle attractions are the driftwood mine, where the visitor is taken to the coalface, and the school, in which children can try out the desks and writing slates and play games of the period.
    • The children - all below five years - were given new uniforms, slates and shoes and sent to a nursery outside the jail.
    • Children from the regiment showed visitors traditional toys such as wooden dolls, slates and embroidery hoops.
    • Pupils had the chance to try out writing on slates, and desks were set out in rows as in years gone by.
    • She gave us slates to write on, made us chant some Empire geography facts, ordered us to sit up straight and swished her cane around with aplomb.
    • Also on the anvil are a Braille slate, abacus for mathematics, geometry set with raised numbers and an alphabet plate to enable the visually impaired to learn to write.
  • 3US

    (list of candidates)
    lista de candidatos feminine
    • That big view allows him to encompass and endorse both slates of candidates for the party's executive.
    • When all is said and done, each political ‘boss’ emerges unscathed and with a slate of candidates to call his or her own.
    • The idea is to obtain a slate of national representatives who are a ‘mirror of the nation.’
    • Yawar opposed the boycott call and headed a slate of Sunni candidates in the election.
    • The Greater London elections also saw a slate of socialists winning substantial votes.
    • Under Illinois law the Green Party had only 90 days to collect the signatures and was also required to field a slate of candidates for every office on the ballot.
    • Nominating Committee members work together to prepare and present an annual slate of candidates for national office.
    • Challenges to official director slates will likely be rare, but the mere threat of them could weigh heavily on management decisions.
    • As it is, the unions always run slates of candidates during the board's elections and hold caucus meetings before board meetings to discuss how teachers are going to vote.
    • And I was very proud, frankly of South Dakota this time, because they had a terrific slate of candidates for all the offices.
    • An entire slate of candidates running in last week's student union election has been disqualified for gross violations of election rules.
    • Not surprisingly, they are on the only slate, at this writing, that is not in principle, opposed to tuition hikes and differential fees.
    • We're putting together a slate of candidates to run together in the primaries next year for state legislature.
    • First, for three consecutive terms the Concordia student population has elected slates of anti-capitalist representatives.
    • The election for that Parliament has to be made from a complete slate of six candidates.
    • With six slates and 46 candidates for the board running in the election, candidates outnumbered audience members at each debate.
    • The divisions and states with more than one representative to the Council of Representatives should designate ethnic-minority slates for at least one of the positions.
    • To bolster its opposition credentials, the Socialist Caucus is standing a full slate of candidates for the party executive, including party leader.
    • At the end of 1951 the Free Officers ran their own slate of candidates for election to the board of directors of the Officers' Club in Cairo.
    • Have you ever written to your slate or federal senators or representatives?
  • 4US

    (listed items)
    lista de ofertas feminine
    • One explanation for the extraordinary name of the pub relates to a long dead landlord who put the beer "on the slate" for thirsty road-makers when the track up the hill was metalled.
    • He asked Don to let him have a drink on the slate but Don refused.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (roof) empizarrar
    • Roofs can be either tiled or slated.
    • The contractor shall inspect all surfaces prepared for slating.
    • The entire centre of the yard was covered and slated with a large open-ended platform at either end.
    • The roof will be slated and the front elevations will mostly be of natural stone, and each house has a large back garden.
  • 2

    (writer/film/book) poner por los suelos
    the novel was slated by the critics los críticos pusieron la novela por los suelos
    • Although I admit to being one of those who'll slate a referee at a match, I also understand the enormous task they face once the whistle is blown.
    • The design plans have been slated and the size and scale of the entire undertaking must be totally rethought.
    • They both slated the referee, who, they claimed, was wrong to allow a goal scored by Dublin.
    • But the comedian, whose previews were unanimously slated by the critics last week, informed festival organisers that the show could not go on, for the time being at least.
    • Browne slates the Catholic Church authorities for their failures.
    • The bill was slated as a death sentence for several organisations working in the country.
    • British car journalists slated the car, ‘but why?’
    • Last December it was slated in a highly critical report released by the powerful Commons Treasury Select Committee.
    • He says New Zealand is a country trying to promote itself as a leading golf destination, so the last thing the sport needs is its number one professional slating a leading course.
    • ‘The London premiere was slated by the critics for being propaganda, and it hasn't been performed since, but it has value,’ Osborne says.
  • 3

    to be slated
    • 3.1US (scheduled)

      the convention is slated for March la convención está programada para marzo
      • they are slated to testify next week tienen que prestar declaración la semana próxima
      • the site is slated to become a marina existen planes para convertir el lugar en un puerto deportivo

    • 3.2US (chosen, destined)

      he's slated to replace the director es el candidato para sustituir al director