Translation of slave ship in Spanish:

slave ship

barco negrero, n.


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    barco negrero masculine
    • His grandmother came to the U.S. on a slave ship from the gold coast of Africa, and he was proud of his African roots.
    • In 1650 a slave ship sailing from Panama to Lima was wrecked off Ecuador.
    • Well, the world focused on West Africa for more than a week as a reputed slave ship carrying as many as 250 children was reported off the coast.
    • Then came an offer from some planters for Crusoe to act as a trader on a slave ship bound for Africa.
    • That has pretty much been the case since the first slave ship docked in the country back in 1619.
    • Interestingly, when Moravian officials offered to transport her to St. Thomas aboard a Danish slave ship in 1776, Rebecca refused.
    • One could either become fostered to anyone willing to pay for the privilege or be sent away on a slave ship.
    • In 1839, the Spanish slave ship Amistad set sail from Havana, Cuba, to the Island of Principe with 53 Africans aboard including Joseph Cinque, an African prince.
    • He was very close to his maternal great grandmother, who was brought from Africa on a slave ship; it was through her that he developed an appreciation for nature, which became an important element in his work.
    • The slave ship sailed from the home country with a cargo of manufactured goods.