Translation of sleeper in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈslipər//ˈsliːpə/


  • 1

    to be a heavy/light sleeper tener el sueño pesado/ligero
    • we're lucky with the baby, he's a good sleeper hemos tenido suerte con el bebé, duerme muy bien
    • I know you've always wanted a whole bunch of kids, and I know whoever your wife is has to be a deep sleeper because you snore a lot more and louder than you think!
    • If your child is generally a good sleeper and begins waking in the night, it's a good idea to check there isn't a medical reason.
    • The researchers found cognitive behavioral therapy worked best to treat insomnia, producing the largest number of normal sleepers after treatment.
    • I'm normally a light sleeper, so it was a surprise that the husband was the first to notice this.
    • Subjects who rated themselves as habitually good sleepers were largely unaffected by the valerian extract.
    • Nathan had always been the lightest sleeper he had ever known.
    • She is a light sleeper and sleeping next to me does deprive her of what little sleep she does get.
    • He was a lighter sleeper when more people were around, apparently, and woke up while I was walking by.
    • I'm quite a light sleeper, so even my answering machine taking a message usually wakes me.
    • A light sleeper, Debbie required frequent attention from her mother, who was also nursing her.
    • I'm usually a light sleeper in unfamiliar situations, so it's not surprising that I would be a little jumpy.
    • To prepare for any more rough sleepers we need extra sleeping bags and flasks.
    • Furthermore, the huge quantity of sleeping pills, sedatives and anti-depressants doled out each year to poor sleepers are a strain on the health budget.
    • She didn't know whether he was a light or heavy sleeper, but apparently, he was a light sleeper.
    • I've always been a light sleeper, but years of travel mean I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.
    • Homeowners are often light sleepers and armed.
    • A light sleeper at all times, Armand had also heard the arrival.
    • Moreover, at 6 months, the mothers of back sleepers reported fewer instances in which their infants had trouble sleeping than did the mothers of stomach sleepers.
    • He came through the front door and was surprised that she still didn't come to, since she was a light sleeper.
    • As a light sleeper, I can only struggle now to find better ear-plugs, or hope to sleep with my window forever open and get used to the outside noises as well.
  • 2

    • 2.1Railways

      litera feminine
      cama feminine
      • At the same time, the elimination of the sleeper berths would mean that a daylight passenger configuration of 21 to 24 seats could be planned.

    • 2.2Railways
      (sleeping car)

      coche cama masculine
      coche dormitorio masculine Southern Cone

    • 2.3Railways

      tren con coches camas masculine
      tren con coches dormitorio masculine Southern Cone
      • My experience of sleeper trains spans the globe from Finland to Australia.
      • The overnight sleeper train from Hanoi to Hué starts off as a giggle, and ends up as an ordeal.
      • We have all been dreading our second overnight sleeper train.
      • I decided on the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok, which meant I could sleep at night and not waste one of my precious days travelling.
      • A special sleeper train service had been put on; it pulled into York station at 3.32 am, and deposited excited royalists at King's Cross at 7.39 am.
      • I was travelling on the sleeper to Inverness when a man in the compartment pointed to the luggage rack. ‘And what have you got in there?’
      • 10 Teams traveled solely by train - for instance in sleepers overnight from New York to Chicago.
      • The £465 per person price includes seven nights' hotel accommodation, one night on a sleeper train, breakfast each day and the services of an experienced guide.
      • Eleven passengers died when a mystery blaze burned out a carriage of an overnight sleeper train today.
      • I was travelling on a sleeper train from Istanbul to Belgrade where my passport was stolen after crossing the Bulgarian border.
      • There's just enough time to buy provisions for the journey before the long dormant sleeper train pulls up.
      • Not long ago I stepped off the overnight sleeper on to the platform at Nice to be revived by a delicious fragrance: the platform was awash with wallflowers.
      • Passengers were stranded aboard the train for more than three hours while a diesel engine was brought to pull the sleeper into Preston Station.
      • The sleeper train to Hue sounded not too savoury, however.
      • It proved a great adventure and the kids loved the sleeper train.
      • He caught a sleeper train from Cairo to Aden in The Yemen.

  • 3

    (on track)
    durmiente masculine
    traviesa feminine Spain
    • The rail, the fastening, the sleeper and ballast have to spread the 100-tonne weight of a heavy locomotive throughout the system.
    • I chose reclaimed railway sleepers to contain raised beds around the garden.
    • In this case, existing landscape determined the form of the track, not the other way around, and great attention was paid to the design of rails, sleepers and trains to reduce noise.
    • Rails were welded to sleepers in an operation aimed at providing a smoother, quieter and more reliable journey.
    • The sleepers had never been removed, and the rails, fish-plates and rivets were all ready, for we had taken them from a siding on the abandoned portion of the line.
    • Trains, protected by railway sleepers and metal plates, were used - also in the Franco-Prussian war when four were fitted out to defend Paris during the siege.
    • Another fundraiser is the sale of rail sleepers.
    • Thirty point ends and components in another 47 will be renewed, 9,000 sleepers will be replaced and 9,000 metres of track reballasted.
    • You can easily tell which wooden sleepers have been replaced with the concrete ones.
    • The need still remains for a survey of permanent way - rails, sleepers and ballast - with a somewhat fuller historical background than the one provided here.
    • By 1863 some three million tons of rails, sleepers and locomotives had been shipped to India from Britain in around three and a half thousand ships.
    • Some 1400 kilometres of earthworks need to be completed before it can take the ballast, sleepers and rails.
    • A saw mill built in the early years produced 5,000 railway sleepers and poles for fencing.
    • The news comes just a year after 50 workers were let go from the rail sleeper plant in Knockmay prior to Christmas 2003 in a move that stunned workers.
    • These ranged from missing safety clips that hold the rail in place, missing bolts, cracked sleepers and eroded ballast as well as worn out rails.
    • Some 6,400 yards of new rail, 12,200 steel sleepers and 31,000 tonnes of ballast were used and brought in by train rather than by road.
    • Supplies such as ballast, rails and sleepers are moved to the site by train.
    • The rails and sleepers were lifted and the track-bed was sold or given to local farmers.
    • Annually the plant will produce 160 000 cement sleepers mostly for export.
    • In 1880 William Eldridge called tenders for carting 80,000 sleepers to Gladstone Railway Station.
    • We want to grab some weather-beaten sleepers from Irish Rail and then use them to influence the profile and texture of the finished concrete.
  • 4

    • 4.1(unexpected success)

      producto que resulta ser un éxito inesperado
      • So if you have a sleeper, don't expect to hit nine figures… make sure you are enormously profitable with less.
      • Getting big weeks from cheap players not only will boost your points total but will increase your team's bottom line as the dollar values for those sleepers rise.
      • If these guys get more playing time in the second half, they could be the sleepers who will vault your team to a title.
      • This dark red wine is always a sleeper for restaurants that serve char-grilled steaks.
      • Just as the initial comic book issue became a sleeper success, so too has the silver screen Spider-Man.
      • Avoiding a quiet sleeper of a film like this merely deprives you of an exciting movie experience.
      • It's this interesting concept that made the original Kohan franchise a sleeper hit.
      • Yet sometimes when something is missed out on, it can play the role of that special something, the sleeper hit, that only you know about, which is a great thing to have.
      • This film - and this DVD release - therefore is a sleeper waiting to be discovered.
      • This sequel to the 2001 sleeper hit is a thinly veiled facsimile of the first film.
      • People claimed that the precedent set out by the sleeper hit in 1998 was finally superseded.
      • Virtually unheralded, this relatively low-budget affair is a genuine sleeper - a surprise hit that pays off better than any number of more costly affairs.
      • Is he discovering Quebec sovereignty to be a surprise sleeper hit with the electorate of his riding?
      • It is better than most people might think, but not good enough to be a sleeper hit.
      • The record became a sleeper hit and in 2003, it spawned a second and third volume, featuring Langford's own artwork.
      • DESPITE THEIR sleeper success, the band are still managing to keep their feet on the ground.
      • The film was a sleeper hit and even spawned a low-budget sequel.
      • It is a documentary on a sort of wheelchair rugby and it is the sleeper hit of the moment.
      • Any movie with those much marketing dollars is going to attract more viewers than a little tiny movie that might be hoping for a great sleeper hit thanks to a couple good reviews.
      • If it is marketed the right way it might become a sleeper hit, though it isn't quite good enough to warrant anything like blockbuster status.
      • For our purposes, we'll consider a sleeper to be any player whose perceived value now is significantly lower than his potential value during this season.

    • 4.2(in bill, contract)

      cláusula que tiene efectos inesperados

  • 5British

    arete masculine
    aro masculine
    (en forma de bolita) pendiente masculine Spain
    tornillo masculine Uruguay
    • The window-dresser pushed her hair back from her face and behind her dainty ears, each pierced with rows of silver sleepers.
    • There was a brief twinge of pain as she squeezed a sleeper through the needle hole.
    • She clicks on the customer list, pulls up the database of 13,000 stock items, checks availability and starts adding in quantities for rings, studs and sleepers.
    • The man was also wearing a 9ct gold necklace and a gold sleeper earring in his left ear.
    • He wore a gold sleeper in his left ear, a well-worn, waist-length brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans, a black belt and a gold bracelet.
  • 6

    espía que no entra en actividad hasta pasado cierto tiempo
    • The Detroit case ended last summer with the convictions, hailed by the Bush administration, of three men who were accused of operating a sleeper terror cell that possessed plans for attacks around the world.
    • The sleeper agents moved toward parliament as the Guru had instructed them.
    • All Ashcroft ever did was look into if there were any terror sleeper cells.
    • He was inserted as a sleeper agent five years ago.
    • The network implants a large number of sleeper agents, free of past suspicious activity, giving the authorities no reason to keep an eye on them until only after they've received their cue to strike.
    • Thousands of their agents and sleepers existed throughout South Vietnam's Government, armed forces, and security/intelligence organizations.
    • Since Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, took the helm in the Kremlin, Russian intelligence networks in central and western Europe have been rebuilt and secret service sleepers activated.
    • He failed, but within a year he had infiltrated America with new teams of sleeper agents ready for one more big push.
    • A staple of the Cold War espionage novels that used to populate best-seller lists was the sleeper agent.
    • Additionally, years of Soviet occupation left a host of sleeper agents experienced with the region, who still have files on many citizens.
    • Now that we have settled on a definition, let's look at how to uncover these sleepers.
    • The enemy within is still there, but today it is not communist sleepers that are the concern but the corrosive influence of big business.
    • Jason was assigned as a guard for the queen while he was a sleeper agent.
    • The enemy's people are already in place in this country, sleeper agents waiting for the command to strike.
    • I've been told many sleeper agents use it regularly.
  • 7sleepers plural

    pelele masculine
    osito masculine Southern Cone
    • Take one pair of child's sleepers and soak it in warm water.
    • Knitted fabrics, such as those used in T-shirts, sweatshirts, infant sleepers and sportswear, are examples of unstable fabrics.
    • To take your baby home put baby in a vest and thick sleepsuit if it's cold.
    • Now I want to give you a description, I know we put the picture up, but the little boy has black hair, brown eyes, and he was last seen - there he is right there - wearing a red sleeper.
    • So we brought her home in a little cute sleeper with a matching hat.